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  1. Server and location: Server 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 15:50 GMT +2; 17.03.2017 Your in game name: Maxim Goron Name of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was going to Elektrozavodsk to meet up with a friend, when a bug (which changes the texture of the character's head to completely black) strikes in. I reconnected to get rid of the bug and after 30 seconds of waiting in the loading screen I see a guy walking to me from the rear with a shovel raised above his head. I was still unable to move because I've just connected, when he strikes me down.
  2. While the accusations are being dropped I still wish to report my point of view. First, as I recall there was no GearRP, because no known (by me) weapons or clothes (except a gas mask) were took from you. I only removed ammunition from all your weapons so I do not get shot down by you in case we run into each other again and yes, I knocked you out for safety reasons. Now about the BadRP, we gave you a whole interogation regarding a certain Outrun group and also explained to you that you offended our characters by wearing a certain berret. The only thing that apparently is true is the combat log, because we did not keep track of the time. I add that i was the only one to disconnect as I do not know about the other 2. I made this POV because I do not agree with the charges at all even if there were to be more proof. Thank you
  3. I really like where this is going. We are growing as each day passes
  4. I carefuly watched all of your comments and I am actually speechless. Thank you very much for all the support. I think I will give it another try: maybe hang out with some larger groups or play as myself as someone said, or both. Anyway, what I wanted to say is: THANK YOU
  5. I am very intrigued in how I teleported to The Airfield from Kabanino where I went with my friend. You want to know the situation right now? Well okay. My friend and me started our path in GORKA. After that, we pass through Novy Sobor-Stary Sobor and finally Kabanino. We hear shots before entering Kabanino. I aproach the noise source from the Southern part. One of you guys was chopping a tree down (I guess it was for the fire where my friend was shot. After my friend awakes you get him to a house outside the village. Before you enter, I shoot a guy, I suppose it was you, and then I get killed. So tell me HOW IN THE WORLD do I know so much details that are not covered in any POV here. Also, I wore a Plate carrier, a tan tactical shirt, a flecktran boonie hat, designer glasses, USMC woodland camo pants, no armband, military boots and my SVD had no darned suppresor. So shoraya, your character was killed legit and I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to do it for the rest. And yes, you can see more than 2 guys with the SAME weapon and with ghillie wrap on it. Now excyse me, but as I said it in the Introductions and Farewells Forum section, I am going to continue my absence in this community. THANK YOU
  6. I joined DayzRP last year along with a friend. We loved the idea of RP from the beginning. Making your own story and all. But as time passed I realised that I suck at DayZs gameplay and my RP is shittier than a public toilet. Most times I gather military loot for no actual RP reason, I get attached to it and avoid encounters because I do not want to lose it. I would rather leave this great community rather than ruin other individuals experience. I am not a creative person and I will never be. I wish that you ALL have an awesome time here.
  7. *He casually picks up the radio and responds* "It is not my desire to start an argument with a stranger. But I did not knew that "over the radio threats" are still a thing, Mr. Gutter. Try and be a gentleman, or at least reasonable. This attitude won't help you in the future. Stay safe." "Signing offc
  8. *Joseph picks the radio relieved* "That is even better. I am waiting for you. Give me a sign when you arrive. *sighs* Look I do not want to make you any trouble with the trading. But it is a direct threat to you and the Embers, and an indirect one to your customers. Okay?" *He starts cleaning his gear*
  9. *joey responds quickly* Listen here sunshine im sure you have the best intend at heart however you are not a part of The Embers. And i do not appreciate YOU turning people away who could use medical help food and a place to sleep. Keep you nose out of others buisiness those "inhabitants" are my guys I have a question for you.......since when is a firefight classed as executions mister soldier man? If you have a issue with this then i suggest you come talk to me in person other than that i will be the judge of the safety of the town. Oh and i dont know if you noticed but the world kinda turned to complete shit. there is no such thing as a "safe place". *radio clicks off * *Joseph hears the man and gives a repond* "You're from the Embers? Good. There was a note on the corpse and I wanted to give it directly to Joey. But since he is not around, I will give it to you." "I am still in town by the way" *Joseph releases the PTT button and continues whatever he was doing*
  10. *Joseph hears the angry man talking and bursts into laughter* "I guess you had a very nice day mister. I love your spirit. I am thrilled to find who did it too. Have a nice one pal. *He takes a deep breath before starting to give the angry man something to think about* "Jokes apart, there is no need for such vulgar language. I have informed people to stay out of Gorka because THIS... is not the type of execution that happens "all the time", as you say it. This is an actual threat to the inhibitants of Gorka and it will happen again. So if you are a reasonable man, and I am sure you are: we are adults after all, you will understand why I called this out. For the safety of the remaining survivors of South Zagoria." "Sergeant Harris, signing off"
  11. RavenScout

    Your opinion's on KoS in DayZ

    I actually like both, KoS and NO KoS. When I want to play DayZ in some sort of Story Mode I just hop in DayzRP for awesome encounters and people. Not anyone can get whitelisted without having some common sense and this is something that I love about DayzRP. As for for the times when I like KoS, I hop on a random public server along with my friends, gather some good weapons, and start blowing off steam by killing some people. Long story short, it depends on how my day was
  12. "Unfortunately,... yes. The.... "creepy naked fucker" as you like to name him" *Joseph puts the radio back and continues research*
  13. *as he was roaming down the street he saw a body laying down* "This is Sergeant Harris reporting : There was a crime on the main street of Gorka. While investigatios are ongoing I require all citizens to keep distance for their own safety. Signing off" *he releases the PTT button as he examines the corpse*
  14. *Joseph hears the threat thrown to Mr. Diamond and the clowns, as he is getting up from the bed which he slept in* "Be careful of who you threaten mister. These are dangerous individuals and have ties to even greater evil. I hope you have a plan in bringing them down if you are so confident about what you're saying" "Stay safe citizen. Sergeant Harris, signing off."
  15. I had 2 major bad habits: 1. Metagaming by hunting down streamers while watching their streams 2. Stealing tents and supplies from known tradeposts with no specific RP reason. Forgive me Lord Rolle for I have sinned