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  4. Lets talk about weapons!

    Someone has been well and truly burned...
  5. All these people getting into the apocalyptic mood and me... Well, I get into the Toto Africa vibe: http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/562ec9f2a458f.mp3 http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/562eca3ce0d8f.mp3 http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/562eca5862022.mp3
  6. Lets talk about weapons!

    They cut out loads of things they said they were going to add in, simply because there were bugs to be fixed and they didn't want to add more bugs in
  7. Lets talk about weapons!

    Such as that on rust, the handmade pistol and shotgun?
  8. Lets talk about weapons!

    Hiya, my name is Joey and I've had Dayz SA for such a long time that I've seen loads of development to the game (including the weapons) and I want to share one of my best experiences and I want to yours too! So let's get on with it: Probably one of the best was when I found a VSS Vintorez (picture below) This gun is an absolute BEAST when it comes to damage and it has an in-built silencer that makes it sound flipping amazing! It may look like it yet from my experience it isn't that good at long distance but this may be because of my terrible aim Okay, so here is the story I had with this gun: I was at NWAF in the experimental patch, it was a war-ground, shots were being fired left, right and centre - a few aimed at my friend and I. We made our way to the forest overlooking the military tents, where all of the action was happening, and my friend was setting up to watch my flank, as if someone were to come down the hill they would probably spot me, and I was set up, with my beast of a weapon, aimed right down the pathway cutting through the tents. After a few minutes we saw a group of 3 sneaking away from us, using the tents as cover (not knowing I had my sights on them). My friend and I initiated, my friend had flanked around to shoot them from the other side, making take cover in my line of sight, after they'd taken cover, one bandaging as my friend hit him, I took out their sniper: one shot from the beast and he's dead. Next I shot the one whom my friend didn't get a shot on: again, one shot and he was dead. Finally I shot the last, missing my first shot and then hitting him directly in the head, ending him... We didn't loot them as we were pretty well looted and we believed it was too dangerous. Thanks for reading, please leave your story of Weapons in a reply! Also if you want pictures of weapons go here: http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Weapons
  9. Please close report, sorted in teamspeak
  10. I never took a shot, yet you just said I did and they did threaten to kill me, my words were that if we were going to kill them we'd have to kill all of them to the randomer, I don't see how that means that I said I was going to kill them. Please close report, sorted in teamspeak Please close report, sorted in teamspeak
  11. Your in game name: Azreal Hunter Names of allies involved: Some random person who shot at first Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown Suspects weapon/s: M4, unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video corrupted, logs will show I didn't shoot Detailed description of the events: I was in Stary and two people started a fight because one was mouthing the other off, this was a fist fight leading to one being knocked out. Then one of the guys forced me to take off my backpack and stole my magazine for my ak by walking past it then taking it, no roleplay, this annoyed me so I decided to talk to him. I then went onto the teamspeak and talked to Kattica and Dew, whom both said I had KOS rights and I said that I didn't want to use them as there was more than one of them. Eventually, in-game, they were in the church and I was outside with this random person who I met, he asked ooc if we had KOS rights, i said yes. Next, as we waited outside the church, I was talking and the random person shot one of them, without me even wanting him to, I fired no bullets and was shot form behind. I believe that I was in no position to be killed as I did not shoot nor intiate as they knew that I did not know who the person that shot them was as I told them in-game minutes before this happened. I want to know who shot me and there reason as to why as I was never ordered to do anything nor did I commit a hostile act.
  12. Ruleplay S1 / NVFL / BadRP

    I have nothing to do with Jack, why have I been called to this report; the same applies to my friends who were called to the report.
  13. Thought I'd let you know: As I said earlier I didn't shoot the guy who killed you, I shot the wrong guy but he said he shot the guy down there, not knowing the hostage we had was dead, I assumed that you were the one he shot as I only knew that you were shot, I then killed him. We cleared this up, thankyou.
  14. New info: I have just found out that I shot Dave. I talked to Dave in character to see if he shot at my friend Miller; I was unaware that DeeBlack was shot as I didn't see him die. I would like to apolagise to Dave as we had a common enemy. Edit: Maybe dave was linked to Tyrell and Tyrell told dave to shoot Deeblack if he ran away. Subsequently Dave shot Dee as he ran away, not knowing that Tyrell told him. Or Tyrell could have told Dave to shoot Dee as soon as Tyrell said run.