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  1. Throwback to our WorldRP super admin memes. Been a long ass time and I was definitely over 16 when I joined, I remember walking about with me being an insane piece of shit
  2. Hello there, My name is Joey, I'm from the UK and I'm 18 going on 19 as of next month (oh my I lied about my age in 2015, much apologies). I have been roleplaying for 9 or so years now; I've enjoyed a multitude of games and styles of gaming. I used to play this server around 3-4 years ago in the earlier days of standalone. I missed the server quite a bit and saw some of my old friends begin playing again so I decided I would like to come back. I'm fairly nomadic and am not usually up to large groups or anything too permanent. I'm looking forward to coming back properly and I would like to extend a "thank you" to the multitude of people who've been very inviting to my time back to the server alongside with the countless people who've stopped me from being mugged.
  3. This character is KOSable you may shoot this character on sight at any time for any reason. Status: Alive, healthy. Birth-place: Western England Military Service: Worked for GCHQ as a security analyst before being recruited into Mi6 as a foreign intelligence agent. Citizenship: Has passports for many Slavic countries as well as most European countries under countless aliases Assets and Skills: Superb Combatant in the field, receiving in-depth training in close-quarters-combat as well as stealth and overwatch. Very proficient survivalist as needed in the field. A highly respected deep cover agent in surveillance and espionage, making him an excellent talker and investigator. During the beginning of the outbreak, he was undercover collecting anti-nato sedition within the Chernarussian region. Being excessively cautious with the infection, fearful of the loss of his mission and his life.
  4. Last evening was great, after having a fleeting encounter with a skittish group of people in the state of being prey to some viscous group hunting them, I got off to a great start up the road, bumping into a few people before hearing a rally of shots fired behind me, I assumed all those I had just met were either dead or killed those they hunted. Meeting with @Finn and @Idole, we set off on a little adventure north. After a bit of meandering and small talk, we got cooking and set up a temporary shack in a radio station for us to log off. Sadly, we lost Finn to his own path of travel but Idole and I got up to making the radio station a bit more inhabitable, role-playing as if we'd made some temporary curtains for not only protection from the cold but also some privacy separation between the rooms. Little things like these are really what separates this server from others, providing a fun and adventurous experience with a huge sonder to each-others' lives.
  5. Born British, raised in rural areas, Joey became a inherit survivalist, copying his mother's many skills whilst exploring the forests surrounding them. He regular gained minor injuries over his exploration but they were not impacting on his well-being. However, as he grew into his early teens, stamina became more and more of an issue, inhibiting his day-to-day activities. Many doctors appointments later, he was diagnosed with a coarctation of the aorta, a major heart condition. This lead to a huge operation where his life was nearly lost, inhibiting most movements for months of his life. During this recovery period, his mother took it upon herself to pay for Joey to have piano lessons. Taking to piano like a duck to water, Joey quickly became a musical genius, writing his own melodies and pieces. Months passed, regaining confidence, stamina and ability. He kept his practice up for the next few years. Joey, as a young adult, began travelling the world, camping and hiking. Unfortunately, Joey found himself hiking along the coasts of the black sea when the infection hit, he was caught at checkpoints over and over, becoming trapped in the country. No family, no friends and nobody to contact, Joey set out to become self proficient in the country, leaving him in his current state.
  6. We must gather our countdown songs!
  8. Someone has been well and truly burned...
  9. All these people getting into the apocalyptic mood and me... Well, I get into the Toto Africa vibe: http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/562ec9f2a458f.mp3 http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/562eca3ce0d8f.mp3 http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/562eca5862022.mp3
  10. They cut out loads of things they said they were going to add in, simply because there were bugs to be fixed and they didn't want to add more bugs in
  11. Such as that on rust, the handmade pistol and shotgun?
  12. Hiya, my name is Joey and I've had Dayz SA for such a long time that I've seen loads of development to the game (including the weapons) and I want to share one of my best experiences and I want to yours too! So let's get on with it: Probably one of the best was when I found a VSS Vintorez (picture below) This gun is an absolute BEAST when it comes to damage and it has an in-built silencer that makes it sound flipping amazing! It may look like it yet from my experience it isn't that good at long distance but this may be because of my terrible aim Okay, so here is the story I had with this gun: I was at NWAF in the experimental patch, it was a war-ground, shots were being fired left, right and centre - a few aimed at my friend and I. We made our way to the forest overlooking the military tents, where all of the action was happening, and my friend was setting up to watch my flank, as if someone were to come down the hill they would probably spot me, and I was set up, with my beast of a weapon, aimed right down the pathway cutting through the tents. After a few minutes we saw a group of 3 sneaking away from us, using the tents as cover (not knowing I had my sights on them). My friend and I initiated, my friend had flanked around to shoot them from the other side, making take cover in my line of sight, after they'd taken cover, one bandaging as my friend hit him, I took out their sniper: one shot from the beast and he's dead. Next I shot the one whom my friend didn't get a shot on: again, one shot and he was dead. Finally I shot the last, missing my first shot and then hitting him directly in the head, ending him... We didn't loot them as we were pretty well looted and we believed it was too dangerous. Thanks for reading, please leave your story of Weapons in a reply! Also if you want pictures of weapons go here: http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Weapons
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