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  1. Hehe Just to make it clear, none of you have to be religious, altho there will be a part in this city, which will hold the more religious type of people.
  2. Lets say you heard the broadcasting then! Yeah ofcourse, I run a dayz series. #selfpromo
  3. Oh thank you, I was never so good at forums! ^^
  4. Spread out all over Chernarus, if you have a working generator providing you with electricity, you can see this. Also, this is a repeating broadcasting message that can be heard through the walkie-talkie. (Hope you guys like it)
  5. Hello everyone. (Ingame character name Nathan Carter) I've been a member for one month only, so I can't create a group yet. But! I've got a question to all of you first. Can you tell me which cities/villages are not taken? Because my "group" which I would call more of a community, would need a city or a village, and I don't want to step on any toes and get rekt by some hugely overpowered groups out there for it. Also, I am looking for someone, who has a "Radio voice". (You think you're the one? Meet me up in Teamspeak) The main reason why I'm making a group, is because I run a series on Youtube. (LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=290dfL4geTo) And it needs this community that I'm planning on making. P.s The subtitles are in hungarian, but the whole video is in english. (My auidence speaks english poorly, so I have to make subtitles...) Thanks to all of you! Wish you the best luck in the wasteland, and in real life!
  6. Don't stop. Don't go alone. Don't trust anyone.
  7. I dunno guys... After 2 hours of scavenging, I only found a Magnum, and a hat. But tons of masks! I Mean... I could open up a mask shop by now. Got like 20 masks on me already. Am I the only one having this issue? No loot... (I check every single house that I can, I can find some food and drink sometimes... but still... not even clothes!)