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  1. I have always felt envy when it came to people who look at a photo and already know where it was taken.
  2. sinisterb1993

    shop 1.png

    Id love to find this shop. Ill make sure to look and ask around. ?
  3. Sweet baby Jesus. Amazing shot! ?
  4. Damn I shouldn't have read this thread, now my previously spent 8+ hours feel less exciting from what I remember, because everything that you guys mentioned, has happened to me. To give you my perspective, I have returned after leaving DayZ for approximately 2 Years. Now that I have returned, sometimes I feel like the new kid in a classroom, there are clicks already where you don't fit in, you might try and start your own, but no one will be interested in it. From how I see it so far is that there are basic RP Personalities, Players. We have those people who are simply put: b
  5. Since everyone has already answered, I am just going to say it... That is so cool, if my wife were to play DayZ with me, I'd marry her 3 more times!
  6. I mean, it may not be the best 'cinematic' trailer that I have ever seen, however it definitely captured what I imagined DayZ Standalone RP will be, 5-6 Years ago when it was first mentioned. This trailer was effective enough for me, to come back to Dayz Standalone, and rejoin DayzRP after 2 Years of not even looking at it. Hope revived, and now with all the Mods, I can see that the game will be "finished" sooner rather than later by Modders. Bless thee Modding/DayzRP Community. ?
  7. IGN: Neil Holloway Country: Hungary English Skills: Very Good DayZ Mod Experience: I don't even know how to plant/grow Pumpkins. DayZ Standalone Experience: 450+ Hours. Roleplaying Experience: More than 1500+ Hours. Played RP In most games, not just DayZ. In-game Description of Character: I am usually the kind of person who stands right next to you with his weapon drawn, (when needed) guarding you and following orders without a word. Expert at spying, can blend in easily with the crowd, current character can also be a very good adviser/counselor. Previous Clans/Groups: None, I
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