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  1. That part about screaming Tiger was a joke i was saying to them
  2. POV: I was jogging when i run into the three men. At first they were friendly then started to sound more hostile as they noticed my white armband relating to the animals. We carried on talking till there was a long silence so i said goodbye and ran off. I then hear loud mumbles and look back and see them chasing me so continue to flee till finally i can make out what they are saying and that they were going to shoot me. So i stopped. They asked me to drop my chest rig, bag and gun and sledge hammer. I do so. They mumble at me so i reply with only the words i can make out from them. Results in bad rp. I was talking to the rest of the animals on ts with only saying that three BW guys are taking me hostage. My group tells me to kill them but i decide not to take that risk. WE stopped moving when the front man stopped and i thought i could make a break for it (thinking they would not shoot as it would break KOS) I run and when they shoot i pull out my pistol to try and defend myself but i am gunned down right away, without any warning of being killed if i ran again.
  3. Did he oh ok i didnt see that. You are probably right if that happened. However i still could not hear you clearly. And i only pulled the pistol because you shot at me when i tried to escape.
  4. Yes i will admit to some bad rp but that is because i could not hear all three of you very clearly and could not make out most sentences. That is why i carried on talking to them on ts because i had not been aware that i was frisked for the radio. I am getting a better connection for internet soon so i dont know if that will help for hearing people.
  5. Page 1 About Me: Morris Fletcher comes from a rich family in Bath, England. When growing up Morris had always been wanting to help people, helping old ladies cross the road, volunteering at the hospital. Morris became a became medical student at Manchester university. Once completing his course in 2008 he joined the Red Cross and decided to help out the refugees in the conflict in Chernarus the year later. He was supposed to leave the country mid October but decided to stay to help out with the containment of the disease. The infection spread to quick to control and Red cross group was forced to stay in their "secure" compound. Page 2 The compound soon became overrun and Morris could not escape with the rest of his Red Cross friends. He managed to escape with a Russian soldier who did not speak any English. On the brink of starvation and dehydration, Morris found the Russian soldier loading his gun while staring at Morris. Just as the soldier was to pull the trigger Morris managed to throw a rock at his head knocking him out cold. Morris then took the soldier's map and left for the Russian border. Morris met his old friends by the border but was met with harsh treatment from the Russian soldiers who would not let them pass. Morris and his group traveled to the coast of Chernarus looking for a way out of the country. But they only found destruction and the death of some of their friends along the way. Finally they decided to hold down in the city of Primorsk. Page 3 Met a man today seems fine. called Reed wouldnt tell first name.... maybe not trustwothy