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    My POV: i was at Green Mountain with Skyler Feyh. we where leaving when a man came up to us and asked to trade, we asked his name and agreed to trade, then he said that his audio had broken. Skyler asks what he wants for 2 cans of food and Roland drops some food and tells us to take it all, when Skyler starts taking the food Roland draws his gun and starts shooting us I engaged with my PM73 Rak but go unconscious before i am able to kill him, Skyler is able to kill Roland and bandage me, in about 1-2 min I regain consciousness and see a group approaching. One of the members Mr. Beau Amari claimed to have footage of the shots being fired.
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    KoS/Suspected Metagaming/Ghosting

    (Peter raising his gun) AKA Non compliance granting myself and all within the dynamic group KoS rights. weather my gun was raised or not is irrelevant, i was talking in game offering to negotiate an end to the conflict without violence, a conflict that your group had started without being provoked.