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  1. Alexei was born in Serbia in the year 1996. His father passed away shortly after planting his seed in Alexei's mother, dying in the midst of the ongoing Yugoslav wars. He and his mother remained in Serbia until 2002 when they emigrated to the United States seeking a better life. He and his mother lived in poverty for many years until Alexei came of age to join the armed forces. He enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 18 and served for 4 years, doing his best to support himself and his now sickly mother. Once his service was completed he attempted to return to civilian life working
  2. They cant raise handgun damage because it'll make smgs with the same ammo overpowered (staffs answer). Tbh just reset civi infected to default health and keep military infected where they are. Headshots should be a one shot drop for all infected regardless of status (imo).
  3. So when y'all fixing the zombie health?
  4. Considering it's been over a week and the yes votes beat the no votes by a landslide, I dont think this is changing anytime soon.
  5. So when this gettin added. The community has spoken ?
  6. That's not the point though. Just because there are mechanical ways to outsmart the zombies such as this and locking them in buildings it still doesn't fit the server, especially an "RP" server.
  7. Basically. Damage is fine I think they should be a threat and their damage could reflect your character being grabbed and knocked unconcious. Tank zombies should go tho imo cause they serve no purpose and make no sense from an rp perspective unless you guys change their model to reflect them wearing body armor and helmets (this would also stop players from getting tricked cause there is no way to know it's a tank until it either hits your or doesnt run after you). Hp definitely needs to be lowered or they need to add a substantial headshot multiplier.
  8. Zombies aren't terribly hard to deal with in small numbers right now but if there's more than 3 it's pretty easy to find yourself cornered and knocked out as seen in the video above. I think anything. 380 or higher should be a one shot to the head but I'm not sure about the body. Considering lore wise these aren't zombies and are more so people I cant see anyone taking three 9mm to the chest and still putting up much of a fight yet at the same time I don't think you should be able to clear a whole city out with one mp5 magazine. Maybe keep the damage where it's at and drop them back to normal
  9. Prior to the outbreak, Leon worked in the construction industry as both a welder and mechanic. Being a convicted felon in the United States made finding local work much harder than normal and eventually lead him to working overseas. In the last few years before the outbreak he'd visited several countries for work purposes including Romania, The Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Leon had only recently arrived in Chernarus for work when everything went to shit and the events that transpired left him stranded him in Severograd. Alone in a hostile foreign country he quickly made h
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