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  1. Born to a British diplomat based in Russia, Samuel Orlov moved away from his birthplace to Russia, although born into the high class fate would have other things planned as a youth he was a delinquent and despite the overbearing mother that really push him to succeed he was kicked out of private school, whilst in public school his mother married a local Russian this was the last straw for Samuel he left home and became a vagabond as years of drugs and petty crimes had left him feeling old but salvation was found in a woman, steered onto the straight and narrow he cleaned up his act but still refused to contact his mother or even speak his legal last name that his mother had taken. After enrolling in an apprenticeship in automotive repair he seemed seemed to flourish despite speaking incredibly little Russian which was the country he now cool home, Once there was zombies within his area he found much more passion in working with his hands caving in the skulls of zombies, he was dreaming of finding his farther in law and caving his skull in whether or not he is a zombie, but that dream died the day his love did and now all he seeks is destruction of all zombie kind, and consuming and drugs he can find to numb the pain.
  2. only ever die from bugs and that's runes the immersion too much. I'll be back when s***'s gets fixed I guess. Regards Peter W
  3. this could be good. i now all i need is frapps. also seeing as this was started by SDS guys maybe you have the footage and saying "Most of all players have fraps or bandicam." maybe the shooters can disclame these reports with their footage? because the person to fire first is gunna have abit more chance to turn on recording.
  4. ever consider that some of your members KoS to be the course for everyone saying you guys KoS alot, i've been killed a fair few times and if it's been SDS there the only time they had no excuses. other times people thought i was in talking range and had proof or i shot a zombie next to them to help and they thought i shot at them or i've been warned etc etc but SDS shot me on sight it wasn't a battle otherwise i would have won in these times (only 100% sure it was one of your guys last night the other times i've not known).
  5. same i got a frag and 2 smokes waiting to go
  6. i've been playing for like a week. and loving it so Hi everyone
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