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  1. Agreed. Would've never opened this thread if it wasn't for your recent reply. Actually pretty cool to see how house blackmere and the goraks were in their early stages. I've only known them as power houses since I've joined. Though the war has taken a toll on the Gorak's, kind of a shame
  2. Kiyaru

    Worthwhile investing time?

    In the last 2 weeks I've supposely spent about 140 hour on this game if I am to belief steam. and 90% of that time has been nothing but terraforming. If I had to do that more routinely I am pretty sure I would just outright quit. Though I could see a middle ground if this is neccesity. With patches that make it considerably harder to make quality goods, it would make sense to do a full inventory/storage wipe to not leave the more easily made quality goods from prepatch lingering around in game. I am not sure how hard or easy it would be to achieve in LiF. But personally if there is to be any wipe I'd vote for leaving the buildings / claims intact and by extension leaving the characters with their hard earned skills for I am not sure what would happen if you delete character data which the claim ownerships are tied to.
  3. Kiyaru

    "Sparrowcrest Tales."

    Damn this had me hooked from the beginning till the very end. You ended just at the right time to leave us with many questions about what really happened
  4. Kiyaru

    LiF Style: Whose roleplay did you enjoy?

    I much enjoyed the welcome break to help you out with some furniture and getting RP in the same breath as well. Also enjoyed the RP from @Duckywhen he ran into us milling abandoned wooden logs near the road. His aggression might be the start of some character progression for all us Yngvarr's. It certainly put us on guard
  5. server is back up it seems
  6. Kiyaru

    Allowed KoS on Trespassers?

    To be fair, other then the two rules already provided for KoS rights, that being someone with a verified council approved bounty, or claims being at war with each other. I belief KoS should never be the goal of a RP server. Though in your specific case you could've applied this rule to perfect reasoning: You must initiate on a player and give them time to yield as well as make your hostile intent clear, before performing any type of hostilities. Considering he was tresspassing and not replying to any initiation given to him, the fact that he ran is also a reply. Albeit not a spoken one. This would've been enough to pursue him and engage in hostilities as far as I am aware. Atleast.. I would see this as justified. Or in this case, you could warrant posting a bounty based roughly on the man's descriptions and create more RP for the entire community by getting him man hunted? EDIT: I should reword that, you had called out to him and he ignored you. Afterwards you had valid grounds for hostile initiation and giving him demands to comply with
  7. Kiyaru

    LiF Style: Whose roleplay did you enjoy?

    Had some proper fun with JohnVan and the other people at the skyforge in the last couple of days. shout out as well to the people of clan Gorak and the asborne's. Me and Red started RPing in LiF but a few days ago but it has all been very enjoyable so far. -Lothric Cartwright or I suppose our last name is now Yngvarr
  8. Now I'd love to see these in DayZ, this is ingenious yet so pointless
  9. Kiyaru

    UNITED NATIONS [53rd NatresBataljon] [FEEDBACK WANTED]

    According to the lore the UN never sent in anything other then peacekeepers. A selective few specialists were sent in from the WHO, other than that all the civilian aid that was sent was from the red cross and doctors without borders. We're intending to stay true to that section of the lore; This however doesn't excluse us from having said skillsets in the group as most militaries will have translators, medical staff and more aboard. That's all I can say for the moment in regards to the current group roster, IC events might change this initial setup
  10. Kiyaru

    [BTR] Black Tear Rebellion [Open Recruitment] [Active]

    Congratulations foke, from heroes to pirates. I guess you lived long enough to see yourself become the villain. Seriously looking forward to meeting your new characters and group ingame
  11. Well, in all honesty immersion for me will not be ruined if I see a selective helicopter flying over once in a blue moon. Since it could still be possible in the current timeset of the lore. But having armies of helicopters flying over, that would be a stretch indeed. I could imagine they'll only stick to 1 ~ 3 helicopters being on 1 server max at a time. And hopefully these helicopters will fall into groups that could actually justify flying them, but I am sure people will find excuses to have a bandit with zero education being able to wing it
  12. Kiyaru

    UNITED NATIONS [53rd NatresBataljon] [FEEDBACK WANTED]

    we've started going IC since yesterday with the majority of the group. So maybe you'll run into us sooner then you'd expect
  13. Never had the pleasure of running into the reapers ingame, but what I am reading here seems more than interesting. Looking forward to meeting this group in the future
  14. Morals and personality : Lawful good background : Thief (yes this is a direct 180 from his morals and personality, he only does it when he has too) Fears : He has an extreme case of Mysophobia Past traumatic Experiences: The only traumatic experiences this man has had are the scenarios that play in his head, the ones where he dies by infection or disease contracted by filth, people or animals. Name: Alfredo Alfonso If our character had a theme song : [video=youtube]
  15. Kiyaru

    UNITED NATIONS [53rd NatresBataljon] [FEEDBACK WANTED]

    Very legitimate question. I can't speak for the group as a whole here either since this is just me voicing my personal opinion. First and foremost we know we'll get a lot of hate merely for being the UN. Since we're not here to fight every group out there we'll naturally end up making allies or atleast have diplomatic ties to certain groups. This however does not mean we'll be flying to their aid on every whim nor do we expect them to do the same for us. At the end of the day we're aiming to be and stay and independant entity that has one thing in mind: peace and order. even good guys can be the cause of unrest and we can't be playing favorites if we're needed to enforce peace. We won't be a police state or military intervention squad for every small squable in the province, it'd be unrealistic to think you can save everyone. So we'll save whom we can without sacrificing our own safety. Dead people won't do anyone any good at the end of the day. I am sure Red will post a formal response later