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  1. need help

    dose it just say a random word or dose it go like blah blah blah (here is your password)? or you cant even hhelp me w that ? sorry if im coming ooff as a dick just hitting that nerv lol
  2. need help

    Then I apologize. However, you are expected to do the same thing as thousands of other people have done before you when attempting to play on our servers. If you cannot find the pass phrase, you can not play here.Regardless if you believe it is fair or not, we offer no exceptions. If you cannot read or speak English well enough to understand the rules and find the pass phrase this is not the community welll kinda sad u single other out like that only a matte rof time for u guys anyways thanks for the help
  3. need help

    ive been reading for a week man and my reading is not strong ive done every thing you guys told me out load every thing i just cant read that well witch is it kinda not fair to gamers who cant read well for a test to get in the server
  4. need help

    ok its been about 2 weeks and i can not find this password thing to show i read the rules i have read them so many times i can tell u rule for rule off the top of my head but i dont care what any one says the password is not there ill even teamview some one to show you its not there so what do i do ?
  5. cant find it

    ok ive read word for word no skiming or anything and I can not find that password thing in the rules at all been here reading for an hr now again read every word