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  1. That is fine Jimmy i don't feel there is any need to take action against him.
  2. I will upload video tomorrow
  3. Server and location: Server 1, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:20 and 23/02/2016 Your in game name: Jimmy Clark Names of allies involved: connor riordan Name of suspect/s: n/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I will post video tomorrow dont have the time now to upload Detailed description of the events: Well i was running to kabinino from thhe north west airfield and i arrived and found a guy next to a body he told me what happened and stuff then i met a guy i know and start talking, We then see another body and we talk about that as well. Eventually 2 of the guys we are with left to go there ways. We were standing by the church a little longer then we were shot at without initiation my friend puts his hands up and then i stand still but we still are getting shot off. We run away and then he shoots again and hits me once and we end up hiding in a building where nothing else happens.
  4. S1 - KOS - Lapatino 21/02/2016 14:50 PM

    we saw a vehicle and told them to stop and were screaming at the people in the bus as we wanted to rob them but they didn't so I decided to try and shoot to get there attention but they drove off
  5. RP1: KOS NWAF Tents 22.00 2016-02-10

    all i remember is that i was with two other guys i had meet and we went to tents we bumped into two guys we then heard someone make a stupid noise we all ran out and then some guys we met earlier initiated on us, one guy i was with shot back so i did too and eventually died.
  6. S1 - KOS - Stary Sober 21/02/2016 14:45 PM

    we and tom arrive in stary and see two guys first guy comes up we talk then he starts complaining about my hat so we start cursing at each other and stuff. His friend eventually comes up then we see a guy in the distance my friend tom talks to him and then he comes back with him. I am told to take my hat off and say no and say other stuff. The two then initiate on us thats when Tommy shoots one guy in the back of the head with a 1911 then me and Tommy both shoot and kill the other guy and my friend tom was just lying on the floor.
  7. S1 - KOS - Stary Sober 21/02/2016 14:45 PM

    yeah but he agreed to help us out if we were going to get robbed so he shot one guy who was attempting to rob us i dont understand the problem with that.
  8. Hello

    How is everyone?
  9. Hello

    Cheers guys
  10. Hello

    Hello people, my names Kieran, nice to meet you all. I am a returning player of Dayz RP and i hope the experience is great like last time.
  11. vehicles

    thanks guys
  12. vehicles

    is there still that bug where you cannot hear people after you have been in a truck
  13. KoS, no reason. GM

    I was with the crazy guy who you guys ended up robbing, i was hid in a bush watching it unfold, what i saw was 3 people robbing my friend who they told to lay on the floor. so i then open fired on the guys who robbed him and i killed 2 i think and then the last guy killed me.
  14. in game

    Is greenmountain the most popular spot guys