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  1. killed for what seemed like no reason

    I'm playing ARK right now. So unless the longneck round I just shot off into a T-Rex's head went through and ended up in the realm of DayZ and into your cranial cavity, I do not think I am to blame here.
  2. Ricochet Warning for .61

    Oh great, a new way to effectively TK. Just what I need.
  3. So about "Famous" Character names

    I did it for the shit-tier memes. I'm sorry b0ss. ;~;
  4. That one d00d, Isaac was great to roleplay with today! Sorry 'bout the whole hostage thing with mah boi Mack James and them, on the bright side, they let us go, right?
  5. So uh... Remember when I said I was done for today? Thanks greatly to Yegor and the boiz for that torture RP! Also thanks for not capping me. Much appreciated. <3
  6. I'm done for today. Blackfox, great RP from you all today. That's all I'll say.

    I need a portrait of my character pls. top-grade
  8. Fokin Hell too many to list. Dr. John, I told you this several times now-- I only have ONE..!! Great RP from you though, jeez, you almost convinced me I was insane. Mr. Black, what the fuck d00d. That was borderline 2real4me. GREAT RP there, my friend. Thanks for all of Blackfox for taking me in! I very much enjoyed the RP from each and every one of you! (Sorry Lance, you're in for some bad news. >.>)
  9. I had a very good time for today's RP with the NA, NM, and Damnation! Damn I thought foh shor we were screwed. Thanks again to Yegor and everyone else for the stellar RP!
  10. Language Learning Project

    I dunno man, I was a fresh spawn running along the coast and I was once screamed at in German on a public server and the dude gave me an FNX with 2 full mags. Yelled at me and left with his gang. Keep in mind too it was one of those patches where those kinds of guns you couldn't just find.
  11. Voice Acting 101 [Friday]

    Someone irrelevant but don't worry! I wanna be just liek him! ;D
  12. Voice Acting 101 [Friday]

    Can I be taught how to sound like my boi Oisin?
  13. Get rid of "bambi"

    Marshal... I had respect-- But now... *Shakes head slowly putting face in hands.*
  14. Very much enjoyed the RP with CorbSlayer and Wave (Sorry for gatting you... Jail's no option for me ). Also shoutout to the two bowmen in Cherno!
  15. Can't say I was surprised at all on who got rekt. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Carl dies in the next episode. Character deaths are basically the equivalent of pennies.