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  1. The Next World.

    Hello friend! Hope you have a lot of fun ^^
  2. Hello!

    Yeah man! Welcome! Play exactly how you want to, that is why we all joined this community!
  3. New guy just saying hi

    Hey man! Welcome to the community. I hope you have a lot of fun!
  4. New Guy Here, How's it Going?

    Welcome! You are gonna have a lot of fun! ^^
  5. The mod.

    The mod had a lot more content, but for RP i found that a lot of servers that didn't have a insane amount of outfits had everybody end up looking the same. And that was frustrating as hell.
  6. To RP Or Not To RP That Is The Question...

    Personally it would ruin the dangerous atmosphere if there was somewhere in the game in which hostility is limited too, or if there was a safe zone.

    I'll get to that ASAP! Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks man! Will do!
  9. Just joined DayZRP and thought i would say hi! Only played for a couple of hours and i've already almost been robbed blind and i'm loving it =D
  10. Greetings !

    Nice to meet you! I just joined too. Let me know if you want to team up and explore sometime