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  1. Moonkys

    S1 KoS

    Didn't see the post. Sorry.
  2. Moonkys

    S1 KoS

    You are russians you said... Asked you something in russian - no answer. THEN you were chernarussian and I spoke that language too - again.. no answer. You clearly had no clue at all what I said and it was just basic words that you should know when you're roleplaying a Cherna/Russian character.
  3. Moonkys

    S1 KoS

    Let's sort out. Me 1. Killed you both for acting hostile and being very rude to me. I'm not a guy who let you do this. You 1. 2x check pulse 2. Killed Dimitr even he wasn't doing anything. 3. Roleplaying a character who you don't even know what nationatility he is.
  4. Moonkys

    S1 KoS

    So you killed 2 people because "You deserved it for you behaviour" I killed 2 people because you were acting hostile and rude. Throwing one insult by another. Also you killed Dimitr even when he didn't do anything. He didn't talk at all. It was basically between ME and you two.
  5. Moonkys

    S1 KoS

    PoV - Artyom Lesnicki I went to GM and two guys started talking at me... After a while they started making fun of my clothes and being very rude. We were arguing, they made me very angry and then when that guy said ,,Say Yee-Haw for me Cowboy!" I took the chance and dealt with it like a real cowboy. You deserved it for you behaviour. I asked you if you speak Russian and you didn't answer. Then you said you're Chernorussian and when I spoke Chernorussian... the same result. Everything you "said" in russian was ,,Speaking Russian: Fuck off" and more rude stuff. I got killed due to the de-sync/lag I guess on my side, but stil doesn't matter. PS: The video is not full. And the 3rd guy, wearing purple armband and gasmask. Was he your friend? If he wasn't then he didn't have any reason to kill me? It was between us and you. And is that a pulse checking I see in the beginning of the video ?
  6. Moonkys

    S1 two times KOS NVFL

    I took the picture with Print Screen. Aimed with right hand, clicked the button with left If you play DayZ for a long time, you learn how to do it fast and at the same time Alex told me, somebody raised weapon, 2 second after that he told that he lowered it... well it was too late to apology for shooting at a guy in front of me It was probably a missunderstanding in our communication.
  7. Moonkys

    S1 two times KOS NVFL

    I shot him because somebody raised gun at ALEX, not me. And I didn't even shot him to the chest...
  8. Moonkys

    S1 two times KOS NVFL

    I was running towards Alex to meet him, but some guys trapped him and wanted his M4. I was ready to shoot whenever something goes bad. They started threating Alex and they were so close to robbing him. A guy spotted me and ran to me, he said something and then Alex told me that one of them raised his weapon so I took the risk and tried to shoot this guy. I paniced took the shot and missed. Then the guy started shooting at me. Nothing else. Here is my only picture of that moment.
  9. And jumped over 2 bodies and behind us like a ninja without being spotted... What a guy! Pity I haven't record my POV today I would like to see that ninja guy And it was a camo bandana hat/cap...
  10. No one was there behind you in a camo hat, watch the video please. I mean when you shot the door and ran in. Not in the room. In that hall
  11. Somebody of your group wearing a camo hat somehow popped up BEHIND us! Answer how the hell did he get there.
  12. I don't think so, but it's not on me to judge that. Now tell me how did you get behind us... Neither my friend or I seen you run through the bodies, it's impossible to do it that fast and not get stuck and not getting seen when we were watching Unfortunately not.
  13. And can you please tell me, from where the f*ck did you shoot me ? When you opened the door there was nobody standing there, I took those shots and then you appeard in the door and RAISED your weapon. And how the hell did you appeard behind us ?
  14. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:20 CCA Czech Republic Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: George Cheeks Names of allies involved: Dimitr Petrenko Name/Skin of suspect/s: No idea (Logs) Suspects weapon/s: AKs... Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No Detailed description of the events: Me and my friend came to GM, went inside the Command Center building. Saw two guys, medics, laying on the ground dead. Checked the building.. nobody was there. Locked the front door and went to check those bodies. 1m after that somebody without even talking shot the front door and went in. ME and my FRIEND were below the stairs, a body was kinda blocking the way. I turned around and there was a guy standing BEHIND us, that was weird cause there was nobody there before! There was really no RP from them.. I asked them what happened to those guys, because one of them was wearing a scrub hat so I guessed that they killed them. They didn't really reply to my question and ran outside. We went inside that room. We were crouching so they couldn't shoot through the windows. They started yelling ,,Come out etc." I was standing on the right to the doors behind the bookshelf. They started shooting through the door/wall. Then they opened the door, nobody was aiming at me and we didn't see anyone, I was hit from NOWHERE and also my friend. They broke my legs and I was almost dead. THEN a guy showed in the door looking at me raising his gun, I shot him few times and then he just finished me. I think they somehow used that wall glitch thingy (if still possible). 1. Appearing behind us from nowhere. 2. Shooting and getting killed from nowhere. 3. Not really RP.
  15. Moonkys

    S1 Baiting, avoiding rp / bad rp.

    POV - George Cheeks. We've been running from Vybor to GM. We thought we'll find some good guys there and hopefully some food, cause we've been recently eating just apples. When we arrived, Dimitr went around the compound and Alex has been kicked. I waited for him just for sure someone/something doesn't kill him and in that time those guys found Dimitr and that was the last time we heard about him. We went the way the voices were coming from and then I went under a tree close to them. They were talking and it seemed that they are friendly. Somebody pat on my shoulder, it was Zoja, I had to give some reasonable answer why I'am crouching in a tree. I told her I was scared and other things... They released Dimitr and said to him don't come back. We went inside with them a enjoyed the food. Dimitr was waiting outside just that they can't see him but a guy Shoo Ping Yao spotted him and told them that he is there in a bush and they went after him. We were all talking to him and then I guess Lewis raised the gun at him and we knew it's not good. Alex tried to stop them by telling them he has talked with lot of those guys and he knows how to make them talk without need of guns. They didn't care. There was just no way they would put their guns down when we would say ,,Put the guns down and lay on the ground", so we had to kill them. PS: Dimitr plays a character that doesn't speak much english. You came to him and asked him if he speaks English and he said ,,No" and you start asking him questions in English. Maybe try a different language or as Shoo tried just some basic words
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