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  1. gherig

    The collection :P

    Are you okay my guy?
  2. My POV of what happened is that me and haliax were in the town of Kamyshovo when we turned around to see someone running towards us, We went towards him to say hello and when we did he started to speak OOC, saying he just redownloaded dayz, Haliax and I of course played it off In character acting like nothing happened and told him in OOC to stop talking OOC. He then continued to speak to us from our OOC chat. After only about 5 minutes of speaking with him he logged out. Haliax then left to make the report and I found the guy in town again and told him that he was in a RP server OOC and I also told him OOC to continue what ever he was doing and not to do that to anyone else. This wasn't a very long interaction and Like Haliax said I don't want him to get banned only warned.
  3. gherig

    Hello, Your Future Genius here!

    Welcome to the community, Are you going to be rping on Dayz or LIF but either way welcome and hope to see you out there
  4. gherig

    A Wild Roach Has Appeared.

    Glad to see you back, good luck
  5. gherig

    Ever felt this way?

    Oh god he knows......Everyone run! but yeah
  6. The I see it is if you put down a tent/barrel If someone finds it its there's I mean you cant just say "Dis Loot be 4 me" the other thing is.....its just loot and can be replaced over and over again , you cant just tell people to ignore that huge base in the middle of the woods.
  7. gherig

    Post pictures of your pet

    hehe I get it he is your Pet Peeve
  8. gherig

    Red Octobers vs. Blue Decembers

    Split the difference Red Decembers
  9. Well I have heard similar accents like the New Jersey accent but I can say I have anyways Welcome
  10. OH YEAH! So back in the day when a lot of people used to go to green mountain I went up there alright. SO I go up there late at night. I checked to see how many people were on when I was walking up the hill....As I remember there were like four on. So decided to just randomly check to see if anyone was on at green mountain. I walk in and its dark ASF. I turned my brightness on and when I do I saw someone in the building. I went to check it out no one was there. So I walk out and look around a bit and I even started hearing footsteps everwhere even when I wasn't moving. SO to make this short no one was there and Dayz has summoned Deamons run
  11. gherig

    Urban Legends [GTA V Mini-Series]

    Glad to see you continuing the series!
  12. Seems like it may be something they want with all the character customization thing. Like with the beards and all that.
  13. gherig

    Favorite Tv series? Netflix & chill

    I'm started like last week....Dexter
  14. *michale picks up radio* Morse code....went by to fast I couldent understand it...just saying to everyone. Its not a robot on the end...its a guy *ends*
  15. gherig

    Tropico 4 FREE

    Horoscope Ima just trust you I mean when has the word charity ever been involved with a scam kidding kidding bank card details what? now I'm hurt