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  1. Teamspeak Question

    Alright, i'll probably just be in ts should i ever need to be, thanks.
  2. Teamspeak Question

    Are we required to be on Teamspeak when we are playing on any dayzrp server?
  3. Hello All

    Thanks Samaritan i'll be sure to continue reading the lore as I have already started and will check out the rest of the forums very soon.
  4. Hello All

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Members of the Community my name is Oz and i'm pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm new around here but have been playing Dayz for a while and after several hundred hours of being killed on sight, I decided it was time to find a community with some actual rules and a purpose. That's how I ended up here. Currently I am awaiting my whitelist application response so i'll be able to hopefully begin a new Dayz experience with you all. Feel free to message me or say hi i'm always looking to interact and get to know people. Have a nice day.