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    Bad rp, Gear RP, Possible combat log

    I was approx 3miles away from Novy church during the time I got the radio call. As for them contacting me, they said they didnt have their hands in the air a lot of the time. They said they spent very little time at all with their hands in the air. Qin was identified as one of the robbers because they told me Qin left the church and they told me exactly where he ran to and what he was wearing. As for the where the men were inside the church at the time of my arrival, my friends said they were in complete opposite corners of the church.
  2. mGraZiano08

    Bad rp, Gear RP, Possible combat log

    My friends in game name was (Calvin Lennin) and (Jacob Deagan). They told me that they put their hands down countless times. And I didnt want to approach you guys to rp because you were all BANDITS and I was completely outnumbered. If I would have approached you guys you simply would have robbed me like you did with the rest of the group. I was well within my rights to take the shot.
  3. mGraZiano08

    Bad rp, Gear RP, Possible combat log

    I got a call over the radio that two of my friends were being held up in the novo church. My friends said 3 men were robbing them along with other people they had just met. It was night time, I ran over to the church to see the two men inside the church with guns aiming down the sights at my friends and other people I did not know. The third guy was outside the church (Qin Wang). I got confirmation from my friends being held up in the church that he was one of the robbers. At that point I took the shot and turned my attention towards the church. After I fired the two people inside who were holding my friends and others hostage panicked and wound up leaving the church. I was unable to find them afterwards and wound up going to sleep. (Logging off) In no way was this a KOS or Gear over RP. I had never shot anyone or robbed anyone on dayzrp since I started playing. I didn't loot the dead body of the person I shot. This was strictly me trying to save my friends from annoying bandits who were robbing them at the time. If I didnt help when I did things could have gotten a lot worse for everyone inside the church.
  4. Thanks for the response that's what I was assuming but I wanted to hear some feedback first.
  5. So today some fresh spawn ran into me and started chatting and we were rp a bit but for some reason I just had the urge that I didnt want to be bothered with him anymore. Question being, do you think it's wrong to make up some excuse as to why you cant talk anymore? example I need to go here asap or whatever the excuse may be?
  6. DO NOT GO HERE!!!! Everyone this place is a scam and people running it should be banned. I walk there fully geared with hours worth of loot on me and get shot in the face the second i walk in. No warning nothing just straight up KOS. This is ridiculous I did nothing to provoke them what so ever.
  7. Wow.... I cant believe I missed that. Thats test taking 101 thanks a lot!
  8. This question has to do with one of my whitelist questions I was given. I have read the rules 3+ times including the lore. The question is What does the term "aggravation" mean in regards to the community rules? So I found in the rules where aggravation is mentioned but I am so torn between two questions in my opinion it could go both ways and I really dont want to get it wrong and have to wait another 12 hours. The two answers I have narrowed down are B) A situation that calls for a harsher punishment. C) An emotional reaction to a situation. Please If you could assist me in this matter It would truly be appreciated and maybe a little explanation as to why?
  9. Ok great, thanks for the fast response.
  10. I was wondering if the amount of times someone fails a white list application, if it would have any affect on becoming white listed in the future? I got one question wrong two times. I just hope this doesn't affect my likelihood of becoming white listed in the future.
  11. So I got one of the whitelist questions wrong, specifically one about the origins/lore. My wait time is currently 5 hrs. My question is, will I have to re apply completely from scratch or will I simply have to re answer the one I got incorrect?
  12. mGraZiano08


    Im having a hard time finding the original story behind DayzRP. I am currently filling out my whitelist application and cannot find the origins/Lore of DayzRP. Can someone send me the link to the official Lore?
  13. Base Building needs to come ASAP. So many other survival games have it....
  14. Hey guys, Just wondering exactly where do could I find the passphrases for the white list application process?