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  1. Desmond hears his radio buzz back. He stops in his tracks amongst the ruined vehicles. He listens to the methodical man, inquiring about his long lost friends. "I....." He thinks back to the many people he's lost. The good friends. Those that he held close, the one girl he held closer than the rest. He remembers what happened in the woods. "I lost.... I lost what I held closest in the world. Four of my closest friends. And her." His hand trembles. He stuffs the radio back in his pocket and continues his march, shrugging off the brief exchange of words.
  2. Desmond sips from his cracked canteen and unfixes his bow. He cocks the hammer on several pistols... He brings the radio to his lips. ".........." Letting go of the button, he thinks. "My name's Desmond. Desmond Krieger." He lets go of the button. He presses it again. "The woods out in the west were good... For awhile... I lost a lot of friends of mine... It's been... A long time..." He lets go of the button again... He pauses "I ain't stayin' in Chernarus for long..... I just wanted to see if my friends were still out there..... If anyone is out there...." He lets go of the button again and puts out his last cigarette. "Anyone even left alive... Anyone...?"
  3. Server and location: S1 EU Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5:15EST (23:15 Server time) Daytime or Night-time: Day time Your in game name: Desmond Krieger Names of allies involved: None Name/Skin of suspect/s: Man wearing black Suspects weapon/s: Double Barrel Shotgun Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events:I just logged into the S1 EU server on Green Mountain, heard gunshots, walked out from the brush and was instantly shot. Only saw one person wearing a black bandana, black clothing and a gun holster. After I was shot I heard "Got you motherfucker."
  4. Desmond tunes the radio to a random frequency. "I found the doctor, I'm okay now. Cellulitis is gone, save for some minor itching. I've been holed up in a lean-to eating nothing but zucchini for the last couple weeks. I don't even know if anyone remembers my name or knows who I am. Either way, I'm back, for what it's worth..." Desmond cocks the revolver hammer and puts it back in its holster. He stands up, walks towards the highway and struts westbound, back to Chernarus. He sings as he walks, his transmit button taped down. "When you were here before... Couldn't look you in the eye... You're just like an angel... Your skin makes me cry....."
  5. I'm in some trouble... I'm sick, cellulitis or staph, somethin'... Desmond gurgles into the microphone. I'm in bad shape... Gangrene.... Sepsis.... I'm fucked....... Baby I'm so so sorry....
  6. Broadcast to all shortwave stations... Broadcast to all shortwave stations... This is Desmond Krieger... I've been out here some time now... My leg was broken a few weeks ago, and I'm starting to finally feel better. I can jog again, pretty good seein' as I don't have to sit in one place and get the shit kicked out of me by the dead... I am looking for my friend, lost her some time ago, months and months... Jessica Matthews, if you're out there, I'm back in Chernarus, and I hope I'll be seein' you again... Broadcast to all shortwave stations... Broadcast to all shortwave stations...........
  7. I'd know that setting up any survivor town will bring down a ton of heat, and I figured to protect myself I'd enlist the help of bandits, bandits bring in supplies they've earned, honestly or not, and they'd be able to trade for a better deal for our own gear. A group protected by bandits wouldn't be a group you'd want to hold up, but I think it'd probably bring the heroes and everyday survivors to hate us, looking at us like Negan's group in Walking Dead. o_O
  8. Has anyone tried to setup a trading post or town yet? If you have how'd it go? Thinking about setting one up down the road and I just wanted to get an idea of how well/awful it can go.