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    I once worked company that had me going in to areas i shouldn't be and i was trained you blend in with my surrounding some would call me an assassin some would call me a spy although i didn't kill that many people only the one i had to. i was working in a town called Berezino laying low out of England for a while because the previous mission i was on went to shit and i was almost discovered so i fled the country just to give it some time to settle let it all blow over. i never had any family to look out for me both my parents were murdered when i was young i did find out for a while until my grandma told me when at the right age and after she died i never grow up in a positive frame of mine so i always seek for revenge on the person who is responsible for my parents death. ever since this virus broke out and completely stopped me from going back to England after being here for 4 years i have learnt not to trust anyone and if i have to go into a an area where there is people there ill use my instincts to blend in weather that means going in under the cover of night or taking out one of their friends and taking his cloths and blend in with the group then so be it, THIS OUTBREAK ISN'T GOING TO STOP ME!