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  1. I once worked company that had me going in to areas i shouldn't be and i was trained you blend in with my surrounding some would call me an assassin some would call me a spy although i didn't kill that many people only the one i had to. i was working in a town called Berezino laying low out of England for a while because the previous mission i was on went to shit and i was almost discovered so i fled the country just to give it some time to settle let it all blow over. i never had any family to look out for me both my parents were murdered when i was young i did find out for a while until my grandma told me when at the right age and after she died i never grow up in a positive frame of mine so i always seek for revenge on the person who is responsible for my parents death. ever since this virus broke out and completely stopped me from going back to England after being here for 4 years i have learnt not to trust anyone and if i have to go into a an area where there is people there ill use my instincts to blend in weather that means going in under the cover of night or taking out one of their friends and taking his cloths and blend in with the group then so be it, THIS OUTBREAK ISN'T GOING TO STOP ME!
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-RDM-Green-Mountain--71318 Why the verdict is not fair: i think it is not fair to be banned because i feel like the GM (Vandy) didn't read the report properly because the case was me killing Griffin long and he said i killed john spartan, however if he had read it through and proof read it he would have noticed the mistake this leades me to think that he just wanted this case to be over so he took the easy way out and banned me instead of taking the time to fully understand the situation. thank you for taking you time to read this hopfully you can see where im coming from and remove this ban, thank you Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Just before i killed him they told me that i could have green mountain they where leaving so to make sure that they weren't going to go in to the wood and flank around to try and kill me i followed them this is when Griffin turned around a saw me watching them and flicked me off when i told him not to or ill shot him, so when he did so i shot and killed me this is when his mate came and killed me in revenge. In the case they didn't have any real evidence that i RDMed him due to no video footage proving that i RDMed him even though we both had KOS right on each other because all night we have been pointing guns in each other faces and making hostile threats to each other so as far as im concerend i did nothing wrong. The GM (Vandy) states that it was bad RP when (Chr1stianplayer) said "it was pretty decent RP" now i think the he is making up exuses to put against the ban. during the hole night these are the actions that gave us KOS right: 1. Threatening each other. 2. pointiing guns in each others faces. i think this gives each other KOS right again each other, dont you? dispite all of this i could have acted alot alot sooner but when i told him i would shoot him if he flicked me off again he had the option if he was that bothered about not dying dont you think that he would no have dont it again this can only his fault he died, in some cases i would think this of bateing because i told him not to or ill shoot him he did it so i would shoot him so he could make the report. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would like to get unbanned and get my banstrike removed What could you have done better?: shot him in a different part of the body (didn't mean to kill him) thank you for taking you time to read this hopfully you can see where im coming from and remove this ban and my banstrike, thank you
  3. You had been pulling guns on us all night, and joking about initiating on us and you eve said to me "I'd love to kill you." or something along those lines. We could have just shot you because of any of those threats and false initiations you did. But we didn't because we wanted to see what rp would come from it. You also said "If I see that finger I will chop/shoot it off not kill me. If you would have said you would kill me I could have shot you for threatening me.. no there was that one guy who came up to me and said you can have green mountain willingly I didn't once say that "i'm taking it over Green mountain" the RP was to fun I didn't want any of you to leave.
  4. my POV is I was in GM and I was RPing as a character suffering with mental health issues so I was constantly on edge and through out the night we were trading hostile action with the group this man was apart of(putting guns in each others faces/threats). leading up the point that I shot this man the willingly left GM saying "Green mountain is yours we will not return" in character I was saying "yeah you better leave" then when the group of 4/5 men left this man flicked me off that is when my character says "flick me off again ill shoot you" at this point I left the gate and made sure that they were leaving and not getting ready to attack, so I was looking down my scope to wait until they go over the hill so I could return inside when this man turns and see's me so going on my threat he flicks me off leading to his death. I would like to note that I was on edge with this guy because he didn't talk/type when I was asking him questions and he constantly leaving GM and walking around the wood, in character I was taking this as they were planning something. I would also like to note again that I wasn't shooting my gun randomly my ally (Isaac wesker) took me out of peoples way and took me in to the wood so I could let off some steam by shooting my gun because in character reasons this is how I let off steam, also I didn't shoot next to anyone because I had a shotgun out all night and I new because of DayZ shotgun spread I didn't want to risk it (If he was in a bush I didn't see him due to him sneaking out all of the time and if I did shoot near you I'm sorry and if you did take this as an hostile action you should have said something to me in character) if there is anything else you need to know then let me know and you could also contact Isaac wesker for his point of view.