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  1. He has turned off his firewall but with no luck. He has tried verifying game cache when he deleted the battleye folder thinking it will re download and fix itself but it didnt work
  2. Good evening to who ever reads this, Me and my friends were playing dayz standalone and we were about to get into a fight in Electro. Before we entered the city my friends game crashed and it told him to restart. after he restarted the game it kept on giving him this error Battleye initialization failed Driver Load Error (577). Now we updated his drivers, gave the Battleye.dlll file full permissions yet we have had no luck. We also started it as an administrator and it still did not work. It gave us the same error message. We have also deleted the folder and went on Battleyes website and downloaded it and it still didn't work. If someone could help us with this issue then that would be very much appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day! Regards, LoneSoldierRyan