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  1. When I was in Washington I played football, soccer, and basketball for a small college up there. I was majoring in pharmaceutical before I got trapped here. My grandfather was a military man so it was often that we would go to the shooting range and let some rounds off. My favorite rifle would have to be any M4 variant. I've found to be the most accurate with that. My mother and father abandoned me at a young age. I lived with my grandparents for most of my life. My dad was abusive and my mom was a drunk who didn't care. I made sure to make friends with those who would keep me safe and cared for me. This could be hard at times but I pulled through. My football career ended after suffering a broken arm in the final game of the season. I took a vacation here to see what other places were like and now I'm stuck here.
  2. One of the issues I have encountered just now is when I try to log on and play it says "No active character or it's not being shown". Does anyone know a fix or what I can do to fix this? Thank you!
  3. I agree with this idea! I feel that it would be a fun time to possibly make new friends or even to make a new rivalry! Pay has my vote +1
  4. I am Ryan Sherman, the one that git killed in the fist fight and I waited my 90 minutes before heading back up to Kab. Upon arriving I heard that grenades were going off and what I me and my friends didn't know was who each other was. I literally walked in there and was approached by my friend who I didn't know was my friend until it had all ended. I was the one in the orange mountain backpack who was handcuffed by my own friends who I didn't know where my friends until after they started going up the hill and they threw my gun which they took back down. They had every right to handcuff me because they didn't know it was me and because I punched my my buddy in the face not knowing it was him because he kept pointing his gun at me due to suspicion. Then John was following around the Asian man because he wanted the fish. He asked to trade a couple of times and later told him he would put a bullet in his head due to him saying he wasn't going to give up the fish and because the Asian man kept saying "I wouldn't do that." The next thing I know while my buddy is walking back over to the Asian man he get two shots from the double barrel and shot back due to be fired upon. also him saying "He initiated on me!" could be used in that situation due to the definition of the word as he posted earlier. Sure the farting on people wasn't the greatest thing to do but he admitted it was dumb. I also did not hear him say a racial slur to the Asian man. I did hear someone saying racist things but I do not believe it was him.
  5. I can say he did not log out he went up to NW Airfield and was with Magnus and I. Also I was the one they handcuffed. He wasn't the one that handcuffed me in the first place he wasn't near us when I was handcuffed.
  6. On top of this, I wish to ask the following: Why did you switch from voice to text during the situation? Yes we initiated according to the rules + we ran into him a little bit later wen he had friends and he didn't say anything or do anything other than hide behind his friend. I never switched to text, I used voice the entire time other than when he said he didn't hear me then I typed in chat. On top of this, I wish to ask the following: Why did you switch from voice to text during the situation? Yes we initiated according to the rules + we ran into him a little bit later wen he had friends and he didn't say anything or do anything other than hide behind his friend. I never switched to text, I used voice the entire time other than when he said he didn't hear me then I typed in chat. Oh sorry wrong report but yes he initiated hostile action according to the rules. His friend shot me in the legs so I took revenge before that he was threatening to shoot me. I switched form voice to text due to Mic problems + I was eating.
  7. Could you please post your full and detailed point of view of the situation aswell. Thank you. Alright well it all started when Me, Jay Love and Clinton Smoke met a couple guys in the fire station who were pretty cool guys so we made a fire and was just waiting for the rain to pass over. We sat there for a couple of minutes and then that's when this guy came walking in and didn't talk to anyone. Me and my buddies were scarred so we tied him up and told him we are just taking some food (because I was starving and didn't have any food at the time) and that is exactly what we did. I also took his gloves and gorka helmet but gave him stuff in return. We both agreed that we would have no hard feelings about it and that was it we told him he could break out once we left and that was the last of it.
  8. We did more RP than just asking his name. I told him we aren't taking anything other than a little food and that we shouldn't have any hard feeling about it. We talked for a little bit while he was handcuffed...Also his mic was really close to his mouth and we couldn't understand him.
  9. I don't know if I Clicked post reply last time so I am retyping it. Okay so after I was held at gunpoint to not come back into GM I then typed in game "Looks like I have to take action into my own hands." After that he ran into the prison closing the front gates which I ran through and then climbed under the concrete fence at GM. I then sat in a tree and waited for them to come out. They then stepped out and that is when I took the first shot due to them being hostile and pointing guns at me before. I then told them I was in the tower as a ruse to get them to go up and get trapped/for me to escape because people where showing up. After they were distracted by all the people coming in I climbed back under the wall and began running down the hill when some new guy shot me in the legs. They then came up to me gave me a splint then took some of my stuff. After being held hostage by them two other guys showed up helped me at first then told me to run down the hill which I looped back around because he didn't watch me run. My first intention was to go back to my gun but then heard them say they were going to see if it was still there which it was. After they left I went and retrieved my Blaze 95 and hid in the two bushes in front of GM. I heard them say they were going to go down to the town in front of GM and that is when they ran right past me and I followed them going from tree to tree and they never noticed me. Once I saw the light at the water pump I got into the tan two story and watched them all sit around it. I watched hoping to get a shot him but that never happened. After a couple of minutes they started heading straight for my house I was in when I shot him again. He fell unconscious so I reloaded and looked back out of the window to see if hew had died which he didn't. I then lined up the second shot after he was helped back up and that shot killed him. After taking that shot and killing him I ran out of the back of my building and started heading towards Vybor Town. Now I am going say that this all happened within two hours of the first hostile action. I did not see anything wrong with what I did and neither do my friends. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Trying to explain to you what i did because you completely freaked out in OOC about it when I did it I had more reasons than just "oh shes combat logging kill her" Stop the unnecessary posts, no need to clutter up this report. Again it is my POV... I typed ooc because I didn't know if you saw the message or not. It's not me who you should explain it to, it's the staff they are the ones looking at this. Which is what your POV is for. -Rabbit My POV is that I did not unplug my router I did not care if I got robbed or not. I wasn't even the on who turned off my laptop my mom did. I gave you a heads up saying I had twenty minutes can we hurry up but you actually went slower. I wouldn't have logged I would've tried to kill you guys before logging off. My mom told me to go brush my teeth and while I was doing that she came in and turned it off. I'm sorry for all of this but I cant really say it was my fault that you guys slowed down when I typed in OOC that I had to go in twenty minutes. The only thing you accomplished in that twenty minutes was looking for a radio...
  11. I was not on board with the robbing I didn't even know he was robbing you until I logged back in and I was going to give him food. When I woke up from my nap I radioed to my Brian and said "Where are you." He responded by telling me he was just down the road. I ended up giving you food because I agreed this was completely dumb and I later talked to him about it. We currently aren't talking because he got mad and didn't agree with me.
  12. Did you have any allies in this situation? No they logged off while I was tied up.
  13. Ryan Hall-In my defense I did not combat log I actually bled to death laying next to your dead body. I even re-spawned in (forgive me if I spell this wrong) Solninchy and ran to the two houses outside of Kami and then took a nap in the tree(logged off). I never combat logged. I have read the rules and I didn't care if I died hinse why I tried to chase you down because that two hour revenge started. Im sorry if you think I logged but when I broke your legs the shots you fired hit me in the leg and one in the chest.
  14. Ryan Hall-My POV is that Shoo was killed by Rashide and we wanted our revenge for killing him. Our leader Shaheel who called out for everyone to get on the ground with their hands up and the only person not to do this was the man I killed. He did not follow the instructions and that is KOSable. I'm sorry about your backpack but I wasn't the one to take it. I didn't even know he took it until we were running down the mountain after being shot at by an SKS. We only told everyone to get on the ground because you kicked us out of Gm and also to get Rashide. The plan was to never take any ones stuff but to get our target. I am truly sorry for your backpack and I will repay you with a new one if we ever meet up again.