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  1. So you don't really understand the frustration of building up a character then having it all wiped for a 'fresh lore' which was already done I understand the frustration, but as I said, it doesn't impact me that's why I vote yes, it's my selfish opinion.
  2. I vote yes personally, as I've just started myself and it doesn't really impact me much at all.
  3. Ricconater

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    This is all I got, a longhorn(No ammo), a pitchfork, 2 can of food, and 1 can of pipsi.
  4. Hello welcome to DayzRP, for the problem you encountered I'm not sure as I din't have any of it when I was applying, I wish you the best of luck in your application.
  5. Ricconater

    Report - Hacking and Attemptive KOS by Cows!

    I am totally not involved in this, cause while this was happening I was enjoying my delicious meal of Steak somewhere.
  6. No, No KoS zone please, no KoS anything at all. It's one of the main reason I hated Pub server. I want to die with reason, where there's interaction, not sudden headshot when I'm looking at my inventory.
  7. This is the Back story of Randall Astor I used for my whitelist application(Still pending). and I intend to rp him using the Back story I made. *You find a book on the ground* *You picked up the book and start read the cover* "Diary of Randall Astor" *Intrigued by the content you open and start reading it* "5 November 2010; I've finally finished school, what should I do now? I have no idea, maybe I should start looking for a job since any further studies is quite pointless, maybe I should work with my dad at his lumber mill" *You turn the page* "2nd March 2013; I've just quit at my dad's mill as I find it boring actually. I've been thinking, maybe I should go and work for the car shop nearby" *You turn the page* "22 August 2013; God, I just got fired from the car shop today, all I did was accidentally scratched the customer's car, can't believe they fired me and made me pay the compensation, What a day." *You turn the page* "6 July 2014" It's my birthday today, but I don't feel like celebrating at all, guess it's because my parents are no longer with me, and my friends already moved away. On a side note, I just got accepted as a security guard at the Airfield, so I guess thing's good for now." *You turn the page* "12 October 2014; There's news about a riot or somesort down south at Myshkino, It's awfully close to me, I hope it won't affect me at all." *You turn the page* "22 October 2014; Things have been getting out of control since the riot at Myshkino, It's probably best I pack up supplies and camp it out in the woods somewhere west, since there's less traffic there I should be safe" *You turn the page* "25 October 2014; Day 1, I finally found a place for me to camp it out, I've packed alot of food and drinks with me, I should be able to last roughly 4 weeks if I ration it properly. I also brought a radio along so I'm updated with what's going on at town, reception is good here too." *You turn the page* "2 November 2014; Curse myself, how can I forget to bring spare batteries for my radio, but from the last news I hear, things is totally out of control and it's total chaos at places." *You turn the page* "18 November 2014; It's been 3 weeks since I'm out here, just as I was at the peak of my lonliness, I made a friend that also decided to camp it out in the woods as well. His name is Kim, odd fellow, haven't seen him eat or drink at all." *You turn the page* "23 November 2014; I'll be damned, I'm out of supplies already, I've already discussed with him, it's time to go out of the woods and back to town and assess the situation. I sure hope things quiet down already." *You turn the page and find that the rest of the book is blank* **As you were reading the diary, a man has been observing you the whole time, eyes watching for every move you make, scanning around the area for possible allies.** Randall: Kim, you think we can take that guy on? *Points at the man holding Randall's Diary while looking at nothing on his right* *Nods slightly* Randall: Yeah, He sure looks to have alot of supplies on him, and there's no one near or so I hope. *Reach for his Handgun and takes aim* Randall: Night night buddy, touch my stuff and I'll take yours. ((Just to make it clear, Kim is an Imaginary friend Randall made up due to his loneliness and isolation from society.))
  8. Hello, My name is Ricco Ng, currently 22 and from Malaysia. I am a Student, Gamer, and anime lover, I play almost every game genre except for horror(I'm a coward, Don't Judge). I just applied for the second time for whitelisting, currently hoping for the best. HELLOOOO~~~~~~~~~~
  9. oh boy oh boy oh boy, i gt accepted. Thanks for having me in the community . time for the guy that talks to himself to come alive Though will have to b tomorrow it's already 12:50 AM, if I get on now and get involved in a rp with anyone, it could b as long as 5 mins to 5 hour, I don't think leaving suddenly is good. See you guys Tomorrow!
  10. Thanks, Randall already came to life the moment you read this story, he's living in your mind now.
  11. Thanks, since you clicked on this post, you've been dragged into that story, What happen after Randall Takes aim? that's up to your imagination. It could be a sudden gun shot from other place startled the reader, and thus ran away, or maybe a wild board charged into me, who knows.
  12. If you need any help with your whitelist for your second attempt, don't be shy to ask for help from myself or any of the other Community Helpers! c: Thanks, but I want to try out my second apply without anyhelp, if I still fail that I'm gonna come crawling for the third
  13. Hi, Welcome and best of luck on your application, I'm gonna re apply for my whitelist later cause i failed my 1st, but atleast now I know what I'm missing.