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  1. Thanks. I would like to jump on teamspeak to talk about it. I did put alot of effort into using my own words for the application. I agree with the process completely. I am just frustrated, and nervous, at the 24 hour wait and potential to fail my third application and miss out.
  2. Hello all, I love dayz. I love rp. And I really love the idea of playing on DAYZRP. They really come off as incredibly proffesional. I have one beef. I have now submitted 2 whitelist application. And been forced to wait 24 hours to apply. Because I fail to explain 1 dot point from the rules section. I fully agree with the need for players to have a strong understanding for the rules. I have read the rules roughly a dozen times now. The 24 hour wait for a minor overlooked point is really frustrating. Next time maybe Ill just copy paste and jumble some words around. Maybe that will get past the filter Cheers