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  1. POV: carter price So my brothers messaged me and told me to join the server as they were sitting in the woods, we were communicating via teamspeak, and this was when they were sitting in the woods before john even went down by the lake to talk to you guys, and i was sitting up in the woods with my other brother, ben. However when ben was spotted giving sniper overwatch i backed off up into the woods where i was told to say and only push forward if something happened to my brothers, so i sat back for a little bir, they told me to push up on them when after john apparently stole the scope off of his gun, however i said no and i said i would wait until things escelated if so, (by the way i was less then 400m away so if anything happened i still had just as much kos rights as ben and john, and while things got a little heated the man who the scope was stolen from said "if you steal from me again ill shoot you in the head" where john then retaliated with "if you keep talking to me like this and being mean to me ill shoot you in the head" where two men in all black, One with a red mountain backpack pointed rifles at john and said "hey what the fuck did you say", and before this there were other threats made to our lives so we considered this enough to have kos rights on this group, they were also very demanding and rude to us, so yes i believe all of us had kos rights however things cooled down, john and ben were left to leave, so i met up with them, however as we went back down to fire at them they were headed towards the summer camp so we had to give pursuit until john was spotted aiming at them and me and ben ran away and werent spotted, and when john was spotted they shouted "hey you stop right there", making demands once again. so we backed off once again and planned another attack and then when we went back to the summer camp for an attack they were gone, so we headed to zelenogorsk to find them where i then pushed up to check on them and when "phil" one of the men who we identified as pointing a gun at john was left singled out. therefore I took aim at him and shot him dead. Where we then proceeded to run as far away as possible