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  1. Here's my first edited screenshot ! (Thinking about making a signature out of it) And here's the original version:
  2. Yes, a big thanks to everyone we met up in Pinewood today! I couldn't begin to list everyone there, but you know who you are. It's really great seeing so many people come through, and to meet them all. Enjoyed the h*ll out of the RP, and I hope to see you all again! EDIT: And a special thanks to the prisoner! It was fun finally getting to questioning someone. Although I probably do it a lot more peacefully than a lot of others .. Today was my first "official" RP and I had loads of fun with you guys It was an action-packed night and I loved every second of it.
  3. All right, I'll try that. Thanks for replying ! Sorry for double-posting, but it worked ! I tried the first trick and unplugged my internet cable c: Thanks again for the help !
  4. Hello everyone ! I recently unlogged while inside a green house (the one with stairs) and found myself stuck under it as I logged back in. I've tried pretty much everything but I'm still stuck there. Should I kill my current character and give her a new life or should I create a completely new one ? I would prefer my character dying in RP, but it seems like there are no other options at the moment D: