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    Love your profile.

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    Holy fuck, a NIN fan. You ever seen them live?

    1. Harvey


      Nah man, i'd kill to though, no upcoming UK tours atm :(

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      not the actual events is the shit, Trent better get his ass over here asap xD

      When did you see em'?

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      Fav song?

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      Cant make my mind up xD

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      speaking of bass tones, woodstock '94... Closer's basstone maaaan


  4. Vice

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Amazing roleplay with @Chief today, enjoyed forming up the Misvan Gatu with @Harvey and @Rachael.
  5. Vice

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had an amazing experience with you and Lisa today, I'm glad the feeling was mutual! Also, shout out to my boy @TheMatt924 for the in-depth analysis of the infection, it was quite fun.
  6. Vice

    L.I.F.E 91.1Hz

    A quiet static buzzed before more words followed. "Yeah, it's me. I'm surprised you folks are still around, and I mean that in a good way. ... What's the meaning of this broadcast, Hope? We getting our hands back into the mix again or what?" An odd sensation crept up Isaac's neck at the sound of their friendly, familiar voices. He smiled for a moment, before the sound of labored breathing and stumbling footsteps outside reminded him of where he was. Isaac tested the weight of the machete, giving it a couple of practice swings as he walked about the old house. "I'm getting old over here. Let me know when and where we're meeting up."
  7. Vice

    L.I.F.E 91.1Hz

    Isaac tentatively held down the PTT key, responding in a hushed tone. "It's good to hear you well, Doctor. I'm still around." Upon releasing the button Isaac began adjusting the bandages around his thigh.
  8. Vice

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    At the end of the day, what gives life value is that it has an end. If those that you slay return again and again, what is the point? This game has become a giant, boring circle of seeing the same enemies and friends return again and again after "death".
  9. Vice

    I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    lmao yeah they're not being savage, just rude as hell. I don't get it either
  10. Vice

    Is or should threatening to rape someone repetitively or in detail against the rules?

    What about virtual, non-real rape? This is an online roleplaying community.
  11. Vice

    Is or should threatening to rape someone repetitively or in detail against the rules?

    Pretty much these. If it's just a threat and not the actual action, then what's the harm?
  12. Vice

    Walker [Story Series]

    (I wanted to write something. I'll update this every so often, so check back if it interests you.) Modern Wastelander https://puu.sh/sIJlV/77c92e2849.mp3 Struck Down A crimson mirror, my blood gathered then on the chunky asphalt road. Though my ears rang with a heated intensity, I could hear their laughter as my vision danced about the red and grey. "Сука! That was an ugly blow, haha!" shouted the lackey. I felt my collar pull back as he pulled my limp body back. "That's going to leave one hell of a mark!" I lulled my head to the left, the blood running from my nose down into my open mouth. There, I got a good look at this bald asshole. "Спасибо, we wouldn't make it past the border without your car. As long as you keep going south you'll be fine too. If you don't run out of water, that is." I heard the wet slap of the water being poured onto pavement nearby. "Why are you doing this," I managed to mutter. "What did I do to you?" "We're on a tight schedule, and we've wasted enough time and ammunition as it is," he shouted, gesturing to the bodies about the ground with his bloodied crowbar. "Let's get going." The lackey dropped me, and one of his friends tossed the now empty plastic bottle at my face before climbing into the dingy sedan and driving away. I lied there for a long time, I think. When I finally got my shit together and stopped sobbing, the sun was already beginning to set. It was going to be a long walk from wherever the hell I was. I don't even want to try to walk through what I was thinking when I pulled over for him. I knew it was shady, some random ruskie on the side of the road begging for help with his "dying friend". How could I be so God damned gullible!? They were already so far down the road that they weren't visible anymore. I began collecting my things from among the mess of the dead infected. Shell casings rang as I kicked them when hopping over a dead cop. Anger bubbled inside of me like I was a giant bottle of soda and somebody with Parkinson's was trying to hand me to his paraplegic friend. /\/\/\/\/ I remember feeling for her across the sheets. That soft, warm glow of the morning coming in through the curtains hitting her face as she sat up was an image that a thousand Da Vinci's couldn't paint, a thousand Robert Frosts couldn't write about. "What're you looking at?" she said with a sleepy half-smile and a faux bad-attitude. I rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing my eyes as I yawned and stretched. I spoke, returning the attitude. "Someone who's not hungry, apparently. I don't dine with grumpy people." She smacked me with a pillow weakly. "Use your words, Ziva. We've talked about this." I stood up to preemptively evade her assault as she laughed aloud. [will update regularly]
  13. Vice

    About Citizenship

    I'm in the process of making a new character, one that would have been born in the US and managed to get citizenship in Chernarus for his own reasons (I think the route I want to go down is that this character would have settled down and married a Chernarussian woman, if that grants one citizenship.) How does gaining citizenship in Chernarus work? For anyone that knows or has done this, how long does it take to lose your accent after moving to another country? Do you lose it completely? Does it differ, case-by-case?
  14. Vice

    DayZRP Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition)

    I still haven't forgotten about this, I just need to clean up the thread and mess with Roll20 for a bit before we can get started. My homie Volke said he can show me how, so send him some appreciation.
  15. Vice

    DayZRP Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition)

    I want to get everyone who is for sure going to play to get on at the same time, so we can all talk or I could meet everyone one-on-one in TS before we begin. I like to do what's called a "Session Zero" to kind of play through an experimental scenario that both sets up the theme and tests the game out for those who are brand new or need a refresher. I assume you will post a set time for the Session Zero on this thread? It would be a shame if some people missed out on it. Yes, of course. I'll reach out to everyone who's shared their interest on this thread via PM or teamspeak poke.
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