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  1. cassnox

    ČHSP -Movement of the Righteous Proletariat Media Thread

    Thanks for awesome RP last night. Starting from how you guys approached us to the end I really enjoyed it. You guys stick to your part so well and it made rest us easy to roll with the story. Hope we meet up soon!
  2. Yes i do feel like a new woman! You got us good there but, I enjoyed all of it. OOC, I wanted to shoot Daisy Bloom when she asked us to drop the weapon, but being Maree she wouldn't dare to shoot randomly. Thanks for the good RP exp.
  3. cassnox

    Random Encounters?

    I will put that poor guy out of his misery for sure.... Quick and most painless way. It will give me many sleepless nights, mostly from the shock of seeing a person in such a horrible state. But, I would also wonder who could have harmed in that manner, and think about what the victim did to deserve that sort of torment. If there is a note or some sort of 'clue' I find in his possession, I'd opt to trying to find out more about him.
  4. http://imgur.com/a/5HKDF Day 21… 22… lost count. Hi there, if anyone is listening. I thought I was used to this feeling by now. But again, I feel lost and scared… alone again. Today I lost my dearest friend. Alfred…. I wish I could have known your pain and I would have helped you. I am sorry my friend, I feel like I have failed you. Ending your own life is a selfish act and a sin. But I understand, my friend. I forgive you. Sometimes it is the only way to amend your heartache and deepest sorrows, which eat you from the inside out. I hope you are with your family now. I know you had been calling out for them every night in your sleep. I cannot imagine how you must have felt, seeing your wife and son die… their life… snatched from right in front of you. I remember our meeting at Coastal town, where I washed up from the sea after surviving a plane crash. I was dying, shivering cold and hungry, waiting for things to end, and there you were. You saved me. You took me and protected me from zombies and bandits like a guardian angel. Thanks for teaching me to survive and to be a stronger person. I will live for you, because I know it's what you want. Go on, your family is waiting for you. Rest in peace my friend. Good bye. Love Cassandra.