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  1. If you look at 18:56 in Conor's video, you can see that I logged out as you were looking at the guy, proving it wasn't me, and Bryan disconnected 15 seconds before me, proving it wasn't him either. We logged out in the Sevorograd Woods.
  2. We were there to get loot before we went back to our camp in the North, we know that the officer tents spawn good loot in them, so we decided to go to both of them. I only found a 30 round stanag mag, and in the other one there was nothing. After we were done looting, me and Bryan headed North to our camp. We were on server 2 at the time, and our base was on server 1, so we switched servers once we reached Sevorograd and headed to our base. Thats the only reason we switched servers, we were never near the airfield on server 1, so it couldn't have been us. We weren't gear cycling, we were simply looting tents before we headed north, and those "stashes" I had no idea existed. EDIT: We switched servers at least 25 minutes after the encounter, and were only on for 4 minutes to store a backpack and a car battery we found, then we logged off.
  3. AceWestie

    BadRP, NCFH S2 Pustoshka

    I was covering the hostage takers from his friends on a hill, which we knew he had because we saw movement close on the original house that they were staying in. They repositioned into a 2 story house, where I also did to, taking the 2nd floor of another house, and had a direct view of the front door. As soon as I saw multiple guys come up, with clear intention to kill my friends, I killed one who was shooting at the door where the hostage was being held. About 5 minutes after I was shot in the head from a random place, and the rest i'm clueless of.
  4. AceWestie

    Possible Combat loging and KOS of a Random

    We initiated a robbery with multiple guys at the Vybor military base. Me and Aaron Clark were positioned on the Veresnik hill. We were to shoot the people that were coming at us with weapons, and coming at Bryan with weapons, so we retreated to get energized and healthy, and get our injured friend fixed up. We then came back, and we saw 3 guys, 2 with their hands up, 1 with a gun pointed at them. The person with the gun fit one of the exact descriptions of one of the people that we were robbing. I then fired at the un-obeying person that we initiated on 10 minutes prior, and 50 meters away from the area. After that, the server instantly crashed.
  5. AceWestie

    Possible Combat loging and KOS of a Random

    We killed the guy because he fit the exact description of one of the guys we were robbing. It was within about 10 minutes, 50 meters, of when it was initiated.
  6. I see a truck arrive in Stary, a cargo truck in fact, perfect for transporting my group. He stopped, got out, and we initiated a robbery. Me and my friend gave him orders 3 different times, and failed to comply. He sat there for 10 seconds after we told him to go into the corner of the church, and he also refused to stay put and stand up in the corner and wait till our friends arrived to take the truck for our group. So, after a long wait and 2 more warnings for him to do so, we killed him. He said he was talking, and I never heard one word come from him. The entire time he was mute.
  7. Chimp Johnson, he was with me the entire time.
  8. I told him 3 times to come out of the tree-line and put his hands up after the multiple minutes me and my friend chased him after encountering him. He just laid down and pulled his gun out, when he didn't have it out before. To me this meant he was hostile, and had no intention to do my bidding. I killed him for my self defense.