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  1. Tom Fudd

    S2, Elektro | Possible Underage, Bad RP, Invalid Initiation

    MY POV: I approached Elektro as a fresh spawn to find some loot laying around as I saw Kattica's group along with the Curtis brothers all talking to each other. I ignored them while they were having a discussion to find some spare loot in the PD and other houses surrounding the area of these two groups. As Kattica tell's the under aged boy to stop following and bothering them she says hi to me and leaves, I had no part with the Curtis's nor will I ever. A few minutes passed by when looting and I find the boy with the "Bible" again and I ask if he had any food I can have and he said, "let's go into the Church and talk about it.", as that happened his brother I guess walked in and closed the Church doors in Elektro where they trapped me. They said "This is a blood sacrifice, sorry", and the (RP WAS SO BAD IT MADE ME CRINGE), but in the middle of that he charged at me with his AX and that's when I defended myself and and killed both of them for being immature and trying to kill me. So I would also agree that they (Failed RP/Under age). SCREENSHOT (they shouldn't have attacked me) <3 : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=507029420
  2. I can hear people in game but not as loud as others, I have VOIP/Master volume up high but I can't hear them that great? Any suggestions?