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    Possible Combat loging and KOS of a Random

    POV: We had a group of what appeared to be ~5-6 people near the Vybor military base from what I could see sitting in the trees on the hill next to the base. One of our guys had recently been killed accidentally a day or two before the event, and he needed gear so we could continue what we needed to do. Having 2-3 on the hill and one in the compound, we clearly identified we had the group surrounded and took the initiative to obtain quick gear as there were multiple different parties that would end up fighting each other in the confusion- working to our advantage. Bryan told the men to put their hands up, that they were clearly surrounded. Two of the men instantly complied while the rest scattered- firing shots at my friend. I began firing shots at them, but not being too experienced with DayZ Standalone weaponry as opposed to the ArmA 3 weaponry I typically use, my shots were scattered widely and only used as intimidation. We had to retreat as we realized our plan had not fully come to the result we wanted. We quickly retreated into the field behind the hill out of sight from the crowd and regrouped. We soon took the approach back to the compound to obtain any gear we could and grab the two men who had the hands on their head. Upon approaching, the server began severely lagging and soon crashed. I did not log back on as this was a stopping point for me, and I wished to go do something else.