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  1. zaklaus

    Official newcomer guide

    Thank you sir! I find it useful.
  2. Character sheet would be a good feature to implement. Personally, I love describing my character this way.
  3. Thank you Viktor! We are all in the same boat now, fighting the evil and living the future.
  4. Hi, Dominik here. I'm seeking great community, getting rid of rude players and actually enjoying this game. I've found this community to be nice and actually allowing me play as it was meant to be played, looking for supplies, helping other people and being part of the world. As I have a small disadvantage in body movement (or disability I'd say), it's really hard for me to confront people with some experience and skill in killing everybody. I always had to lay back to the woods to be out of view of other players. Of course, there were people helping me, I helped some people too, but as it came into combat, it was instant death for me. The reason I came here is the possibility to enjoy game without being killed on sight or offended in any similar way. I don't play PvP competitive games, because I know it's impossible for me to actually progress. That's why I played RPG and MMO games for years. Games that does not require fast or skilled hand, games that requires player to think and be creative in it. I hope to meet you guys soon. Sorry for weak english, foreigner here.