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  1. Relevant gif: http://i.imgur.com/Jk5TqOa.gif
  2. Cyanide

    The Risen [Recruitment open] [Strict RP]

    Likewise! I found it all rather amusing actually (in a good way)!
  3. Cyanide

    The Risen [Recruitment open] [Strict RP]

    I'll just ninja my way in here to say that I'm having a great time RPing with these guys, they've done a fantastic job introducing me to the community and helping me get settled in, particularly Jo, without whom I probably never would have discovered any of this. If you're on the fence or eager to know more I'd urge you to get in touch! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get lost in the woods again.
  4. Before I came here I was part of an Altis Life community on Arma 3 and we experimented with a KoS zone, honestly people just avoided it, even when attempts were made to make it more lucrative. People would rather just initiate and do things in character than just shoot at each other for no reason. I can understand the desire to shoot at your fellow man, but there's no context to it, it's not driven by your characters desires, it's you wanting to shoot at another person for whatever reason, and the lines get blurred between IC and OOC which is never a good thing. Just my thoughts.
  5. Cyanide

    The Risen [Recruitment open] [Strict RP]

    The hype is real.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I'll be sure to ask someone should I have any questions or doubts.
  7. Hi there! I've recently been introduced to DayZ and this community through a friend of mine, and figured it'd be rude not to come and introduce myself! I've just been whitelisted and I'm eager to get started, though I do find I get just a touch nervous when I'm integrating myself into a new community, so I ask that you try to be patient with me while I get settled in! I've been role playing for many years now, starting with World of Warcraft about ten years ago, and I was hooked right away. Since then most of my RP has been in MMOs, though until a few months ago I was also a part of an Altis Life community and found that the setting allowed for some very unique experiences, something I'm hoping will be replicated here. I'm pretty terrible at introduction threads so if there's anything else you'd like to know feel free to ask! Cheers, Cyanide.