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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-GM-BadRP-Trolling-Minimal-RP-Gear-over-RP-5-Min-Robbery-Ruleplay-PGaming Why the verdict is not fair: I have was reported along side 2 others and they were reported for minimal RP etc. I was not present for what they were reported for my job in the robbery was to stand outside and keep watch. I have been banned for what they did. you can see in the video i came upstairs to tell my friends something and leave again. Not sure if it is included in my ban but i was one of the people making turkey noises. it sounds stupid but we were mocking BaconDonut its a bit out of context if you maybe ask him if he still has the full recording? So to sum up i was banned for someones else's bad RP essentially. I am trying to avoid shifting blame here because it sounds very scummy but i would really just like a clean sheet incase i ever strive to become staff. A side note: We were all reported for "Minimal RP" BOSTONDONUT the reporter said that we did not make the robbery "Enjoyable" for him and that is why we were all banned. As being new i checked the rules when reported and nothing came up and he said its something you should know. But how could i have known it was my second day on the server and my first robbery. I just ask that you make some of the rules more clear cut some are vague and some apparently not included. I have some suggestions if you would like to listen then please message me that would be great. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As stated i can be seen in the robbery video for around 15 seconds for reference i am the guy with the purple mask. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of ban points or a reduction What could you have done better?: Explained more in my POV as to who i was to the robbery. I Would have come and spoke on TS to someone but i am currently out of the country. Thanks for looking over this
  2. GeorgeWhitworth

    [S1 GM]: BadRP/Trolling, Minimal RP, Gear over RP, 5 Min. Robbery, Ruleplay, PGaming

    My POV of the situation. so we were planning on robbing someone at green mountain because someone is always there. We noticed this one guy who was lurking around and called one of us a "freak" . We noticed he seemed alone and we took the opportunity to rob him we told him to get down and the rest can be seen in the video. If we just wanted your AK we would have taken it from your body and left you. Also when you started shouting outside to the lady i dont really see that as great RP but your reporting us so i wont bother. Then we knock you out i notice the lady run to get her friends so we know we need to leave so we proceed to let you go and get out of there. If you did not shout it could have gone further so i dont know what you want from us?
  3. GeorgeWhitworth

    Staff Feedback

    Terra Came and helped me with my application step by step really really helpful. read through my entire application every time i changed something. Thanks for your help Terra