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  1. IGN: Specialist Johnathon Mathers Age: 19 Country: USA English skills: English is all I know friend. DayZ Mod Experience:Played it until the servers were so bad for me I raged DayZ Standalone Experience: a good few days, along with some watching a twitch streamer play Roleplaying Experience:A good few years, mostly on forums though. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scavenger/Scout/Marksman Have you been in any clan/group previously:Nope. Additional notes: I normally play Ethically good characters Best way to contact you: my gmail, [email protected] PM'ing me here is also good too. Backstory: Just came out here with the family to honor some of our lost relatives y'know? We cried, wished they could come back and all that...But when they did...Kinda wasn't what we were hoping for. Ended up losing my mom in five minutes, dad went nuts not too long after. My uncle, aunt and I tried holing up in an old building, but that didn't last long either, they stayed with what weapons and stuff we had, handed me a dry bag and told me to run. I wish I had been able to save'em now, but I'm glad I'm alive. I can fix what we lost, the General is right, we need to work together. Sitting here and fucking bickering and looting each other won't save this world, and it's the only one we got. So yeah, I'm gonna fucking fight to defend it, and rebuild the great powers that kept it alive this along, only, hopefully, better.
  2. Likewise! Though mind giving me some guidance about what I need to do for making a character?
  3. Good morning my hopefully-soon-to-be-friends! I am Zexus! One for The Butcher on Steam and a huge fan of DayZ! Played it since the mod was a thing, and am so glad the servers are more stable here on the standalone, I can't wait to see you lovely cats in game and iteract with you on a deeper level. On the field of survival. So please, if you want to be my friend do PM me and chat! I love conversations!