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  1. Escape from Tarkov

    I cant wait for this. The pre orders are open btw. Speak soon
  2. Whitelist - Rejected.

    Thanks man, dM
  3. Whitelist - Rejected.

    Hiya, i wondered if a Helper could put some light on the issue of my application please? -snip- Thanks all! dM
  4. Digby Caesar - The Last Threat.

    LEGEND! First person ever to notice! I have been on A3L, Critical bla bla, and not one person noticed! Dude, you rock my world!!
  5. Hello community of Chernarus! I'm Sir Digby C. Caesar, a pointless aggressive drunk, who needs saving from the environment, the population and more importantly- himself as i am the last threat. LOL, enough of that! Hi all, i cannot wait to jump on and enjoy some RP as well as getting back into DayZ. Peace all. dM
  6. Thanks for ruining my new game?

    I hope i see you in game, would be great to start the DayZRP world with a new guy! dM