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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to pop in and say that im back. I was on a long vacation but it is sadly over. So if you need anything from me just PM, Thanks j.r.
  2. jimmyrandoms

    PC/Console Game Nostalgia Thread

    I grew up on this game and it will always have a place in my heart as my first shooter. Really hope this would ever get picked up again, but i doubt it. [video=youtube] I also loved this Pokemon game on my Gamecube... this was the shit, i couldn't even read the small text, so my aunt would sit with me for hours reading shit to me as i played. Like i said these games will always have a place in my heart as the "OG's". Hope you can see why. [video=youtube]
  3. This happened to me, Fortunately i was wiping my character anyway but if you Log and Re-log it should fix it if not, sorry man you might need to re-gear... this is a common glitch and has happened to the best of us.
  4. Welcome and i hope you will allow our Holy Saviour God into your heart. But seriously welcome and hope you have a good time here like i have!
  5. jimmyrandoms

    Are you ready? For the best game?

    I am really considering dropping a good amount of money for a new PC that can run this game at 4K. Also im fucking really hyped for No Man Sky!
  6. call me a fuck boi but i love this song: [video=youtube]
  7. jimmyrandoms

    The Plantation [Open Recruitment][ACTIVE]

    just saw this, and wanted to say that i love this idea. I really can't wait to see all of you I.G.
  8. i would make the photo a .PNG or .JPG. its easier to upload... possibly a .GIF file.
  9. jimmyrandoms

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    Shut up J.R :troll: I thought I got rid of you when we closed 21 * Whip checks his shoe for any other remnants of his old memes gr8 banter.
  10. jimmyrandoms

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    if its open i would love to join! already PM'd you Roger.
  11. jimmyrandoms

    Bring Back Desolation

    I love desolation and if we can have custom shit that would be even better. this is a +1 from me!
  12. Amo Amofa's POV: I logged into the Game (before the crash), The people in TS were talking about some "crazy shit" that was going on in Kabinino. So i was in Grishino and went over to find a man in handcuffs and bunch of people clumped up together. From the start we had an idea about robbing these people, however we did no have enough people to support us. When the right amount of people got onto the server, the server crashed. So when everybody logged back in they started to make their was towards the Airfield. Once all of our men and them were walking we initiated on them, they all complied. We striped their radios and guns, right off the bat we noticed a mouthy British lad. We were all excited to bring them to the "farm" and RP with them. So we brought them, Me and one other went to VMC and when we came back all i saw was a circle and a couple of shots, it was one of them that wouldn't listen and was trying to be "smart". So we moved them fully to the barn, now fully striped their backpacks and vest, etc. Proceeding that we brought them outside and at this time i had a IRL thing to deal with so i went AFK. When i came back i walked outside one was two were dead and one started running then instantly dropped to the ground. We all talked about the NVFL and moved on, now we are here.
  13. jimmyrandoms

    Anarchy [ACTIVE] [Recruiting]

    good luck, hope all goes well.
  14. Ok thanks, but they are still small.. I give up. Sorry 'pal . I have no knowledge besides that. Don't give up. Yesterday you said tommorow. Haha thanks for trying.
  15. Ok thanks, but they are still small.. I give up.