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  1. Even if you have ethernet and 8 ping on the speedtest Kattica?
  2. i Have verified the game files, I also don't get booted from TS or anything else so i think it might be the game. I still think it may be battleeye, I have faith in .58 may fix it hopefully!
  3. I have a fair framerate and validated the files
  4. I thought i read something about BattleEye maybe having something to do with it. Maybe even the update? (.57) Also i don't know if this helps you figure it out but it seem so happen on a schedule type thing like i said almost withing 15 to maybe even 30 min if i get lucky. It happens on every server not just dayzrp. I ALSO checked and my settings are almost on like as low as they go.
  5. No bad weather, and my graphics are mainly med. to high but my pc can handle the graphics.
  6. Everytime I join the servers i can play for 10 - 20 minutes and then "No message received." My internet is fine and it is wired (Ethernet). I tried reinstalling Battleeye and waited for server restarts but nothing seems to fix it. I don't get kicked from TS or any internet other than DayZ, this makes me think it is gameside. If you have any question about my info just ask. Have you had this problem also!?!?!?!?! Thanks! Also sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.