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  1. Lady In Blue

    • Lady In Blue
    • Oisin


    Where are you?

    1. Oisin


      Image result for hugs gif

      Over here :3 

    2. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I got made to have matching profiles, cry

  2. Oisin

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    Serial killer, im calling it
  3. Oisin

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    Going forward +1 Like so much room for char development, let alone you could have kids growing up in this new world it would be so fucking fun to rp out!
  4. Oisin

    The Game

    I got gotted Cheers @Terra (again, get a new hobby)
  5. Oisin

    A Formal Apology

    I wanted to but decided against it :3 So um.. ill just use chewy's, you duck egg.
  6. Oisin


    Welp.. apparently context dont matter. Oh well. 

    1. ChewyRP


      Oisin you are a duck egg

  7. Laski

    • Laski
    • Oisin

    P L E A S E - S T O P - F L A M I N G - Y O U R - F R I E N D S - P L E A S E - I N - T H I S  - S A F E S P A C E

    1. ErebodyH8esBanksRP




  8. ChewyRP

    • ChewyRP
    • Oisin

    Haha woah.

    1. Oisin



  9. Oisin

    Flaming appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/5018d70a8b18cd960f6b65a3c81ffd4d Why the verdict is not fair: Did you'se even watch the video like? It was a bloody joke, i got mad when playing siege drunk and yelled fuck you so i quoted it to Jason as a joke. It was funny that i was so mad at it, i wasnt actually saying fuck you with malicious intent towards him, more taking the piss out of myself from the video. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of the points. What could you have done better?: I genuinely dont know.
  10. Oisin


    Perhaps, i understood that much but i dont see how it makes it easier, anywho im done with this for now. Still tink ts is better
  11. Oisin


    Either you worded that awkwardly too or im too drunk to understand but please elaborate on this point, like.. clarify what you mean cuz im even more confused
  12. Oisin


    What do u mean replacement for slack? We dont have a community slack so idk where ur coming from with that.. as for it getting used to, ts is alot easier accessible imo and works better for a larger community
  13. jason hunter

    • Oisin


    1. Terra


      @Oisin Awesome clip. I laughed! 🤣

      Watching the video-clip and read your response, I dont understand how it could be seen as flaming. But maybe that is just me.

      Good luck with your appeal.✊

    2. Oisin


      Thanks XD 

      Same with yours like.. its just stupid to get points over this shit, your points and mine like. 

  14. Oisin


    Discord sucks.. like.. no.. Stick with ts like
  15. Oisin