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  1. Oisin

    Lo's Diary - Letters to Mom and Dad

    Lo was a great character and these entries were just amazing @Brayces Now she can have all the Whiskey pancakes she wants :3
  2. Oisin

    False Report?

    All of this. Fucking true every word. Suppose ill throw my opinion in here cause why not. In the past, I've Disagreed with Dusty, tried my best to avoid him and those he hung with as yes i believed they were more pvp focused so i didnt want a part of it. But this report is a fucking joke. How the GM team, and who knows who else in the notes agreed, thinks that wasnt ruleplay and it was a false report ontop of that. I mean fuck me, i didnt like Dusty but the lad had changed his ways for the most part. Rule 4 that shit instead of a BS report. It gives you lot a better look. Anyways, to add on. For months now, its just been accepted that hostilerp = PVP or shit tier hostage rp followed by an execution. Didnt matter if you'd only met the lads once, you defend yourself to them its grounds for execution. Not only that, but in a recent report put up by @Lyca Here where the hostage rp was primarily driven -BY THE HOSTAGES- is apparently not only acceptable, but the norm. To staff's credit, this came from Jim himself, so i dont know if this is a commonly accepted thing in staff or he stepped in because he saw fit. (See spolier below for what im on about.) So, what I'm seeing here is a community, that once was a place of an amazing variety of rp but also QUALITY of rp has now turned into Rpvp and sub-par hostilities. 'Campfire rpers' hide because they dont wanna deal with the 'typical' hostile rp thats accepted for some reason. thats why they hide. They're sick of this shit. Its not people hiding ruining the server. Fuck, look to Dead Batteries. They're hostilerp is fucking amazing compared to what we got now. Look at the praise they get from a variety of rpers, people dont dislike hostilerp. They dislike shit hostilerp. Frankly I see one connection here. The 'RP bois' a fair few who were let back in thanks to amnesty too. (tell me if im wrong here.) People are scared to say what they think on the forums, but behind the scenes its all the same chatter. Its just a matter of when Staff, or Roland will notice and make a change.
  3. Oisin

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  4. Oisin

    BadRP / Berezino / S1 / 23:00 - 23:20

    First of all mate, where we apart of the same situation? Cause i dont remember hearing any condescending tone neither from memory or after rewatching the video. So ive broken it up from what i could see. Ill put it all in spoilers so you dont have a wall of text too. First of all lets address your concern here about us not valuing our lives and being annoyed with the situation shall we? As you can see from the timestamps above at regular times Lyca was asking questions to try and get some sense of what was going on, why it was happening, trying to get more rp out of the situation we were in. None of it came across as Annoyed or Condescending. The time were were told to shut up: 5 Now while i understand taking hostages is stressful and you're under the threat of being killed that doesnt give you an excuse to consistently tell hostages to shut up especially when, the only other rp happening is A; Being threatened, B: Us asking questions. C : Your people giving vague answers to which we ask more questions to try figure out what was going on, or what was meant from the answers given. Lastly, lets look at how many times we were threatened. 6 by the way Dont get me wrong, i love hostile rp and dont mind being threatened. However, most of your threats were in response to us asking questions about what was going on. There is nothing wrong with that at all, however you didnt back it up in rp. Fuck you coulda just slapped Lyca or something, at least it is some hostile rp and would maybe provide more fear into the hostages to lead to even more rp? Threats are fine, just try follow them up and provide some more rp. Now @Zman44 I have afew questions for you and would like to elaborate on some of your points, as well as ask for some clarification. First of all, what is meant by this comment? It doesnt matter if you were there to deal with @Isaiah Cortez or not. You lot took 5 hostages. You cant just escort them off and wait for the situation to be done with. Rp should be provided, and yes it is a two way street but from rewatching the video to me it seemed like we were the ones trying to pull rp from it. Yes and No. We were more left confused than anything else. A random group who doesnt answer who they are (fair enough) randomly take us and kill off the old man. It was all very confusing, at least from the perspective of the hostages. Personally i dont see why this comment was needed at all. The hostages are all very experienced roleplayers. We werent trying to be snarky or salty in this report but we truly seen it as a situation that could be been improved multiple times over. We were left feeling disappointed and confused. So i ask, why was this comment needed? It takes 30 seconds to look at the profiles of the hostages and see we have all been here a long time. Was it to try throw a dig or did you just genuinely say this without doing any research behind the people you are accusing of making these mistakes? Ill not post any more after this, Zman's later comments in his POV as well as the accusations of being annoyed or condescending needed to be addressed.
  5. Chewy

    • Chewy
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    stop playing girls

    1. Oisin


      Make me 

  6. Oisin

    To Mr Sebastian

    *Sylvie Frowns as she picks up her radio, after seeing the old mans beheaded body afew hours early and being stressed out most of the day, the feeling for the need of 'comfort' only got stronger. She holds down the PTT, speaking in CHERNARUSSIAN, in a rather timid and nervous voice* ''U-um.. h-hello Mr Sebastian? I um.. Its Sylvie.. you um.. told me to call you if i needed more stuff.. a-and i was um.. hoping i could get more?.. I dont have much to pay with though..'' *She lets out a very shaky sigh before taking a moment to try relax again* ''A-anyways i um.. hope to hear from you soon... bye..'' *She clips her new radio onto the waistband of her tracksuit pants then goes back out to find Khandra* @Elmo
  7. Oisin

    BadRP / Berezino / S1 / 23:00 - 23:20

    Sylvie Kasik POV: So we were hanging outside the hospital in Berezino waiting for the old man to get patched up. We'd been sat around the front talking when some lad in a gasmask rolls up and starts asking about where the old man was, having no idea who the sketchy cunt was my character lied and said polana factory. About thirty seconds later some Chernarussians (I think) initiate on us which is all fine and dandy and we are moved into the hospital. From here it was your usual shut up, hands up, frisk you down shit which is fine most situations start off like that. Shortly afterwards the creepy cunt and the chernarussians talk about their business deal and we are marched off down the street, again with little conversation or explanation. And we are searched again, this time for weapons. Apart from us asking can we keep knives and stuff like that again there was little conversation. We are then told to run to the apple orchard, whilst running @RogueSolace (who is pregnant IG) starts breathing heavily so @DrMax asks if we can slow down to which we are met, unsurprisingly, with if we slow down there are going to be more problems than a dead baby or something along those lines. So, we make it to the apple orchard and are told to stand in a circle, to which we do, then the server crashed. We wait for it to come back up and join back in. I ask if we are allowed to sit down and we are. After sitting there for a short while, and @GreenySmiley asking afew questions it was rather silent and forced conversation as we tried to get anything going. @DrMax asked if he can look at @RogueSolace who was emoting not looking well due to the running and he gets permission. After another short while a guy in the ghillie suit runs up and gives a monologue of how we arent going to tell anyone etc etc then shoots Max for no reason, not asking if he could or anything. During the entire situation the Chernarussians didnt seem interested in Rping at all. Rather guarding us, which isnt a bad thing, but there was little interaction and whatever bits we got out were rather forced and awkward. Apart from answering our questions, they didnt react much to what rp was going on, such as @RogueSolace's emotes, nor when we asked who they were, why they were taking us etc etc.
  8. Oisin

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Thread looks fucking sick lads. Already had rp with you'se too, its all good shit.
  9. Oisin

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Doing that right now lad But the original concept of the group im in was to offer a sort of 'safe haven' hence why we tried making a base, being neutral etc etc. Also tried doing this too :3 Eventually it just gets tiring so we are trying to come up with new ideas and do different shit. Fully agree with you mate, just pointing out that having a group of 5 or so people, or less than, makes life alot harder trying to hold your own. Even if you make deals/alliances with other groups.
  10. Oisin

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Kinda hard to do when you get attacked and griefed near daily Especially if you're a smaller group
  11. Oisin

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Eyyy good shit
  12. Oisin

    Conercening last night.

    So because he -willingly jumped- off a roof but survived its not NVFL?... Come on like, who the fuck would realistically jump off a roof that height to 'rko' someone. Seems he was acting out for the laughs not on the value of his character nor what someone would do. As for the Perma, nah maybe not, up to himself. But badrp and nvfl is hardly arguable here.
  13. Oisin

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Good craic way @derNils @cheeks and @RogueSolace ! Fun catching up folks! Oh aye and police hat guy in Novaya idk your name lad but that was fun!
  14. I mean its not hard to copy past a wee ''Put your hands up or die cunt'' just makes sense to me to have all bases covered
  • Oisin

    Require both text & VoIP initiations on vehicles

    Why not just have text and voip required period? Not hard to have one lad drop a cheeky text initiation while everyone else screams
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