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  1. BeanZ WAR

    • Oisin
    • Hebi Kotei

    Loving the change it really suits! ;)

  2. Hello?

    Didnt you say u were leaving till u could change your name?
  3. S1 Sverograd BadRP/Killing a complainant hostage

    Hi Noudbouwmans, You need to update your report with the template found here. You have 24 hours to do this otherwise the report will be closed.
  4. *Merek tells Felicia he will be back in a moment before walking downstairs with his radio, he would sit down in front of the dying fire and speaks into it* Oh what a surprise Jaxon's alpha male bullshit is getting more people hurt. I'm sorry Kid, but ne Ella isn't safe at the moment. She is with some very stupid people. Who don't listen to reason. Either way.. something needs done about it... I would advise you to stay away for now.. until this is all sorted anyway. *Merek lets go of the transmit button and heads back upstairs*
  5. The Embers [Recruiting]

    Unachieved by request, have fun lads
  6. Farewell

    Well... i mean.. if you want? Bye?
  7. Already has lad, @Brayces did on the 3rd page
  8. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Just cause there weren't fights dont mean it wasn't attacked. There were a fair few hostilities there and Its fair wanting to dip and avoid getting in trouble. I cannot speak about Vybor tho
  9. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Just a big +1 to this like
  10. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

  11. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Eyy thanks lads! Looking forward to it
  12. Using character pictures of famous characters?

    Hey Brett, You can use famous character pictures but not like names and backstories. But yeah pictures are fine