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  1. Oisin

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    Quick question here lads. In your lore you state fighting broke out among CDF forces across the country, do you mean against eachother? And if so, why would the army, who are pretty much loyal to Kozlov, fight for a disgruntled naval officer that just attacked the state. The fact that you attacked the state, when the BPR and Chernarus were still at war would probably be enough for you to have little if no support. The thread itself looks good grand btw, nice graphics
  2. Oisin

    An Invitation to the Future (ATTN: Neutral Nation, Cerna Liska, Kamenici, National Bank)

    *Petr picks up his radio, sounding disgusted as he speaks in Chernarussian* You are nothing more than a traitor to your country. The Kozlovs have done more for Chernarus than you and you're pathetic band of rebels ever will. Good luck with your fake government in the province of lawlessness. Fitting place for you're lot while the real government, the Kozlov government. Protects us from the bigger threats. Glory to Chernarus. Glory to Kozlov. *He spits before he stops his transmission*
  3. Oisin

    New Group Size Rule.

    I dont think it'd work tbh... can still be abused by multiple groups commiting hostile actions at hte same time conveniently. People find loopholes around limits.. always have, always will.
  4. Oisin

    Lore wipe?

    We have nobody to guide the lore in overall terms atm (bringbackLM'S hehe) but yea nostalgia aint bad, just dont focus on it And being creative in the moment its grand, that shit is what makes rp good the day to day events and groups. I remember groups and rp fondly, not the lore and that was from people being creative in the moment lad
  5. Oisin

    Lore wipe?

    South Zagoria is only one reigion of Chernarus. If your character wants to leave to one of the other provinces they can at any stage. If you're in South Zagoria thats by choice. As for lore adding restrictions? Hardly. It gives some depth to the country you are in, should you choose to roleplay from here. Otherwise it gives rough guidelines so you can stay true to the world created. It doesnt take much and the lore doesnt have to be greatly in depth, similar to as is now, but it is still needed for that rough guideline. As for lore not going anywhere, well first we dont have loremaster to progress that anymore so its more down to the playerbase. If shit is stale, thats the players issue and its up to them to come up with something creative. Its not the lores fault if people cannot do that, which in many cases they can. RP was great 2 years ago, RP was great 3 years ago, 4 years ago, however many years ago. It doesnt bloody matter mate, times changed. Be creative, enjoy what you have and try to offer the best rp you can rather than saying that shit that dont matter. As for lore wipe, nah. Progession ahead 10/20 years fuck yeah. That could create some really interesting storylines and groups. And it kinda fits into the look in game atm
  6. Oisin

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Rite so another question here.. Are you saying this shit shouldn't happen as Ur opinion? (Which is fine) Or.. Are you saying this shit shouldn't happen or be allowed?
  7. Oisin

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Any time.
  8. Oisin

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Well first off, it seems like the guy calling him a faggot is trying to get a reaction from him. Which could lead to more hostilities between the character, or the guy being called a faggot (clearly not liking it) could always round up some lads to deal with it. I just see roleplay opportunities there to be honest. And you may come from a shitty area but your country didnt have a brutal civil war with war crimes being committed left right and centre.
  9. Oisin

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Probably a smart idea mate :3
  10. Oisin

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Right first off why don't you lads stop having a pissing contest. Anyways lad im not sure if you're aware but your character is currently in Chernarus, more specifically South Zagoria the dirt fucking poor region of the country. It's people are not educated and full of hatred. Hatred of Russians due to the civil war, some hatred towards foreigners as an excuse for 'ruining' a country that was already in a bad state. Hatred towards those of different races as yet another excuse. Most locals will rp out at least one of these. Like real life it is from either experience or as failure for ones own shortcomings. In other words people are ROLEPLAYING what would happen in real life in a dirt poor country with a bloody past and unaccepting culture.
  11. Oisin

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

  12. Oisin

    Lore progression

    Loremasters would be great so we know wtf is going on in the outside of the country, but in most cases people just make shit up anyway. While it would be nice to know, i doubt the majority of the people will read or even care what is happening and just make their own narrative.
  13. Oisin

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    Wow this has been turned into an interesting thread.. Can't we just rp and give our best no matter what it is, you don't like it then leave that situation it's not difficult. Or just say no ooc and report it if they continue. Im pretty sure the staff team has enough common sense to deal with these situations.
  14. Oisin

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I think you're being abit to technical here but you do make a point. I trust the staff team though to have some sort of common sense when it comes to all this shit and to do the right thing. If not we can always riot :3
  15. Oisin

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    Pretty much this. If people arent comfortable they can always ask ooc for it to be toned down, but i see no problem so long as it isnt done in a trolly way.