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  1. Someone once told me that you are a......

  2. *Merek sighs heavily as he slowly lowers himself onto the tree-stump. He'd been listening to the radio for the past few hours and finally decides to speak up* ''Ahoj to anyone listening. I um.. someone close to me is also missing.. and she happens to be a close friend of Khandra's. Felicia Lindell is her name. If anyone sees her you may find Khandra.. vice versa.'' *He sighs quietly and takes a cigarette from his pocket, he plops one in his mouth and lights it before taking afew drags to get it going* ''If anyone has any information let me know.. Oh. And im Merek. Dekuji.''
  3. So ive been reading the report below and have a simple question. When initiating, at least to my understanding, you have to give a clear demand and consequence whilst making your intentions unambiguous. I.E. ''Put your fucking hands up or die'' *Raises gun in game* Now lets look at rule 4.1 So to me this seems like the same i stated above, you give a clear initiation, hands up or die for example whilst showing hostile intent mostly by raising a gun or otherwise. Now lets look to what Jim has said in the report with this comment. Now to me
  4. Nationalist leaning right purely because of SJW and Leftist bullshit.
  5. @Kevin hit it on the head, if someone feels a rule has been broken they have the right to report it. Doesnt matter if they have video or not.
  6. Most people who rp racists in game, who arent just doing it to say the n-word every 5 minutes to try act hard, are pretty reasonable people. OOC is a wonderful thing, // tone it down im uncomfortable, will most likely be well received and people will tone it down abit. Next, touching on what Phatal said, we're in Chernarus. People who live here lived either under soviet rule, next to takistan or in our little reigion, fought in the civil war. Most people over 23 or so are probably full of hate for at least one of these groups for one reason or the next. I can only speak for myself
  7. *Havel leans back in his chair as he looks over the disassembled rifle across his desk. He glances at the radio and cant help but chuckle before he picks it up to reply. A thick Chernarussian accent can be heard.* ''Typical Chedaki eh? I wouldnt be surprised if each one of these people are dead in some mass grave.'' *Havel takes out a cigarette and lights it quickly before taking a long drag shortly after he exhales before speaking again* ''It will only be so long before the are murdering woman and children in the name of 'Communism'. Keep forcing people to 'support' you, im
  8. Lo was a great character and these entries were just amazing @Brayces Now she can have all the Whiskey pancakes she wants :3
  9. All of this. Fucking true every word. Suppose ill throw my opinion in here cause why not. In the past, I've Disagreed with Dusty, tried my best to avoid him and those he hung with as yes i believed they were more pvp focused so i didnt want a part of it. But this report is a fucking joke. How the GM team, and who knows who else in the notes agreed, thinks that wasnt ruleplay and it was a false report ontop of that. I mean fuck me, i didnt like Dusty but the lad had changed his ways for the most part. Rule 4 that shit instead of a BS report. It gives you lot a better look. Anywa
  10. o.o

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  11. First of all mate, where we apart of the same situation? Cause i dont remember hearing any condescending tone neither from memory or after rewatching the video. So ive broken it up from what i could see. Ill put it all in spoilers so you dont have a wall of text too. First of all lets address your concern here about us not valuing our lives and being annoyed with the situation shall we? As you can see from the timestamps above at regular times Lyca was asking questions to try and get some sense of what was going on, why it was happening, trying to get more rp out of the situation w
  12. stop playing girls

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      Make me 

  13. *Sylvie Frowns as she picks up her radio, after seeing the old mans beheaded body afew hours early and being stressed out most of the day, the feeling for the need of 'comfort' only got stronger. She holds down the PTT, speaking in CHERNARUSSIAN, in a rather timid and nervous voice* ''U-um.. h-hello Mr Sebastian? I um.. Its Sylvie.. you um.. told me to call you if i needed more stuff.. a-and i was um.. hoping i could get more?.. I dont have much to pay with though..'' *She lets out a very shaky sigh before taking a moment to try relax again* ''A-anyways i um.. hope to hear fr
  14. Sylvie Kasik POV: So we were hanging outside the hospital in Berezino waiting for the old man to get patched up. We'd been sat around the front talking when some lad in a gasmask rolls up and starts asking about where the old man was, having no idea who the sketchy cunt was my character lied and said polana factory. About thirty seconds later some Chernarussians (I think) initiate on us which is all fine and dandy and we are moved into the hospital. From here it was your usual shut up, hands up, frisk you down shit which is fine most situations start off like that. Shortly afterward
  15. Thread looks fucking sick lads. Already had rp with you'se too, its all good shit. ?
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