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  1. Welcome back mate Be sure to say Hi from time to time
  2. Petr Sabol

    Find out IC
  3. Its been tried before and didnt really work, plus i like looking at my character so -1
  4. Hey @AFT3R_8URN If the LM's haven't commented it means that they haven't checked it yet or there are no issues. It isn't the LM's job to check Characters they just do it in their spare time if they want. Not every Character page is going to be checked by staff members, if you feel that a character page has a problem, you can report it.
  5. I suppose, personally I don't think we should, Emotes can be small and simpler or you can eventually just learn to type faster. Just my opinion
  6. @Genji Do you mean in hostile situations? And if people are impatient thats their problem not yours. In hostile situations its slightly different and I would advise doing small simple emotes whilst you move then when you stop somewhere continue with the longer ones.
  7. I see where you are coming from but I don't see much point, if you are text rping eventually you will just be able to type faster so people don't have to wait as long for your emotes. Plus the people you are with should be patient enough to wait a 10 extra seconds whilst you type.
  8. Don't worry, papa Joo is here :ph34r:^_^

    1. Oisín


      Thanks, I feel safe now :P

  9. We won it for you my dude

    1. Oisín


      Thanks fam knew you'se would :3

    2. Joo


      #CarryAlright? +para

  10. Hey Kpop, If he has been asked to send in the Email and its a voluntary Ban, it should just get accepted with no issues. Also check that there are no alt accounts made just incase
  11. @Babyface Is always fun Pekko <3 @Blackfyre You need to talk more lad, is a lot of fun when you are more social @derNils I'm sworry @AFT3R_8URN Sorry I had too, was fun though
  12. *Merek picks up his radio and shakes his head, he speaks into it sounding pissed* Listen here...what was it? Tomas? Ano..I heard Tomas. *He sighs and stands up, looking out the window of his house* Why fight your fellow countrymen? People trying their best to help the country itself? I know this Louie man you speak of.. He isn't the type you should be helping. Men like him will only hinder the country... Knowing my friends that are fighting, I'm sure they will give you one more chance to see the right in what you are doing, perhaps even swap sides. You claim to take bullets for your country yet you fight against it? Ano..makes complete sense. *He sighs deeply* You are not a traitor to your country. YET. Don't continue to be fool. *Merek releases the transmit button and rubs his eyes* I swear to god I don't want to have to go back to fighting over these fena's again.
  13. Don't see why people would be afraid of posting tbh. Just don't shit post and you'll be grand. If you wanna give yout opinion go for it so long as you are respectful and mature about it.
  14. How do you think it can be done right. in your opinion? We already have amazing hostile rp'ers on the server and a way to get genuine fear is to not limit them as to what they can do to your character ( Obviously within Limits ) and the damage they can do to your character, of course the rp has to lead to it. The worst thing you can do its limit a hostile rp'ers ability to do things by limiting them oocly. And I do know that you can just get random assholes that will ask to do a major perma scar on you for no reason, yeah. But again give them a chance to do something less serious rather than just think no the rp I'm getting here isn't up to par for me to give rights like that. I don't know, IMO if people just don't limit hostile rp'ers as much as they do and let them be creative then it can really lead for that Genuine fear of what is going to happen to your character. If we make it easier to gain kill rights then as Tony said, inexperienced players may try to abuse this system.
  15. Hey Saintz At the moment the servers are acting strange, its possibly a Gaming Deluxe issue.