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  1. Yeah.. you were mediocre at best...
    • Elmo
    • Irish

    I came to this page expecting Irish, I was greeted with this bollocks



    1. Irish


      :D I love to disappoint

    2. jason hunter

      jason hunter

      yeah...you seem to be a pro at that ;)

    • Spartan
    • Irish

    aren't you technically English since you live in North-Ireland?  Or am I triggering people now?....

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    2. Spartan


      Your sister said you do? 

    3. Majoo


      I will fucking drop and lock you in barrel with acid....cunt

    4. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      @Majoo dropping and locking people in acid barrels, such a croatian thing to say...

  2. Ability to Edit Alias

    +1 Don't see why you wouldn't be able to, you get nicknames and stuff over time so it doesn't make sense not being able to add them
  3. Think No. 1 would be good, would be cool to see where the character starts off and how he evolves and changes over time
  4. @Conor @Ron @Terra was lot of fun today @jason hunter Shame we didn't have more time mate, always good rping with you!
  5. Jánská (recruitment: closed)

    Thanks alot! Cant wait
  6. Josef Hudec

  7. 31.5 Hz (Open Frequency)

    *Michael rolls his eyes and replies to the man, he has a northern irish accent and would sound confused* Seriously mate? Seriously?... Why not stop with the fucking war and fighting and shit and just work together eh? There is a crazy fucking idea *He sighs and rolls his eyes again* Fucking idiot. *He would cut off the transmission and continues on his ways travelling*
  8. Elaine Cervenka

    Elaine's mother was a nurse originally from Chernarus, When she was younger the family had managed to scrape enough money together to send her to a University in France. During her time there Elaine's mother met her father, a french man. The two started dating and kept together whilst her mother studied in France, near the end of her studies Elaine’s Father proposed and her mother obviously accepted. With this Elaine’s Father decided to finally set up his own bakery after years of hard work. The bakery was small and modest but it made sure the family always had food on the table and most of their wants and needs were fulfilled. The family would take any holiday they could to return to their family in Chernarus, Elaine personally had taken an interest in Languages, Arts and adventuring whereas her sister was more laid back and didn't particularly take interest in specific things. Elaine had gotten on better with her mother and the two tended to go to Chernarus more than her father and sister had. On the latest visit Elaine and her mother had been unable to leave the country due to the lockdown and have been stuck there since
  9. You lads mentioned all the names above was a great night keep it up
  10. derNils random pictures

    Good ol' times
  11. Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    Again i more meant in terms of actual roleplay not using rights. Please read what i have said before. Killing him clearly wasnt the last option for you even though it should be. Death again isnt trival and im not argueing that what Para's character didnt do was stupid, it was. At this stage i am currently just repeating myself over and over, as stated IMO i believe more could have been done in RP before shooting the hostage.
  12. Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    I more meant in terms of what you would do to Para's character.
  13. Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    Well you asked for opinions so i provided one. Either way i am assuming you done nothing because other than threatening or implying death if he continued no effort was made to stop it, please correct me if i am wrong. But if i were in your shoes i would have done alot more to Para's character than you guys did. And i never said my RP was so good, she was asking for opinions. Little was done to the character to make him stop other than threats. Well as stated in the report Hope was injured and wouldnt make much sense for her to jog. And rather than using you're rights WHY NOT DO SOMEETHING TO THE CHARACTER. Stop with the threats and this and that and maybe try engaging with him? Do something, as stated above i would take a different approach. At this stage im just repeating my point of there was little done to RP it out with the character, other options that could have perhaps improved the roleplay in Para's eyes or made it more exciting.