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  1. Bye...

    Sad to see this lad but dont be a stranger aye?
  2. The Last Light

    Cheers lad
  3. Safe Zone Trial

    Not a bad idea like but isn't it kinda hard to enforce?
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  4. Right alot of names here from last night @derNils @Majoo @RogueSolace @HarveyJ @Spartan @Iso @Razareth @Lemons @Jonal and of course all the lads at the NATO compound earlier in the night. Cheers lads!
  5. Had a really fun night with @RogueSolace @Samti @Bravo343 @snfsylva thanks a lot guys
  6. Merek Kolsky

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description and Features Average height with a broad build Short brown hair Dark blue eyes __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scars and Injuries Old scar on his right shoulder Current head wound (Right side) Wolf bite (Right forearm) Wolf bite and borken arm (Upper left arm) Wolf bite (Left leg) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personality Easy to talk to Easy going Protective of those he cares about Easily angered Hard working Determined __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Likes Being outdoors Working to keep himself busy Drinking Fishing Hiking Dislikes Snobs Fanatics (Right wing and Left wing) Disrespect People getting in his face __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Background Merek was born into a poor-ish family with a younger brother and sister. The family were never really bad off but barely scrapped by, They lived on Skalisty Island with a small community of people. Merek, being the eldest, was close with his father spending a lot of his spare time working with him fishing out a sea. He didn't do particularly well at school due to being more concerned about helping out at home. When he was 16 he dropped out of school to help full time with his father. In his spare time he spent it with old friends from school, mostly taking it easy and drinking. Merek's younger brother Alexander was the complete opposite of him ; A lazy, not to bright, unimaginative shit. His sister on the other hand was the most academic of the three, aspiring to go to medical school and help the family get out of shithole they currently stayed in. Merek was particularly close with Mikael Strakova, the two were around the same age and attended school together, keeping a close friendship over the years. The Civil war When Merek turned 18 and still fairly nationalistic joined the CDF as well as Mikael as he wanted a better life for his family, however after afew weeks the Civil war started and his father ended up joining. Alexander was left in charge of things at home and to look after Lily. Of course he couldn't even do that, whilst they were gone Alexander never bothered to even try maintain the house or go out fishing often and their mother couldn't ask for afford for anyone else to come help, so it slowly fell into ruin. When the Island was taken over by the Chedaki his mother and sister were killed, as they fought back, but there was no sign left of his brother, So whether he ran away, joined the Chedaki or even died in the woods nobody knew. Merek was deployed in Chernogorsk with the 7th Light Infantry along with his close friend Mikael Strakova, it was quiet for a while but the Chedaki had brutally fought their way down to Chernogorsk. The 7th fought a hard fight but were no match to the Chedaki, being pushed out of the city relatively quickly and suffering heavy losses. During the fighting Merek took a bullet to the shoulder and was pulled out of the city, the rest of his squad didn't make it, including Mikael. The 7th got orders to fall back to Miroslavl. Merek without any knowledge of this was loaded up with the other injured and survivors and drove out to Miroslavl. The 7th spent the rest of the war serving as Military guard in the city. After the war After learning about the loss of his family and most of his friends Merek came out of the Civil war lost and confused as to how to continue. He decided to return to the island spending his days in his old broken down house. He spent those days mourning, not letting himself do so during the war incase he had to fight again. Now he was lost, alone and afraid of what the future held for him. After a week or so he forced himself to go out, to move on and get on with life. Merek dragged himself out of the house after getting cleaned up and headed down to the other houses. On his way down he stumbled into Drahomir, Mikael's uncle. The two started into a quiet conversation, talking about what happened on the Island and during the war. Having nothing else left Drahomir offered Merek a place working for him as Mikael's father had died and they needed an extra hand. It wasn't anything special but he would have help fixing the roof over his head and would get food on the table for himself so he accepted. The years after In the years to come Merek had done okay for himself, working hard as he was used to before kept him busy for a fair bit of his time. When he wasn't working he would either be helping out around the Island, or helping to take care of Mikael's younger sister Ella. Having been so close to her brother Mikael it just felt wrong for him not to at least be there for her or at least try to help in whatever way he could. After the death of her family he figured that she needed another familiar face. During the war she must have seen something, Merek assumed it was to do with the Chedaki, as she had started talking less and less to the point she didn't talk at all. Merek had known her previous to the war but she was still only a child so they didn't talk often, but afterwards he had just felt.. Compelled to at least try and help her. So he kept an eye on her for the next few weeks, talking to her when he could even if it was only a hello if he saw her in the morning. He tried his best to make sure that she felt better, that she was comfortable being home again. Merek tried to make it clear that if she ever needed anything he was there, even if it was just to sit quietly and fish, no matter what he would always be there. It was the least he could do for Mikael. Over time Ella opened up to him, she taught him sign language so they could talk. She rarely talked about the war and Merek rarely pushed her, only listening if she wanted to tell. Eventually Merek started seeing her as family, she reminded him of Anna. The two weren't overly alike but he couldn't help but picture Anna when Ella was around, mostly good memories. When tensions started rising again Merek thought he would join the CDF once more. He decided to reenlist in late June and was going to head off to the capital. On his way there he had started hearing about the troubles starting in early July. It had taken him around 2 weeks to get near to Kirovograd, hearing the news he decided to instantly turn back around and try get back to the Island. His travel was slowed on the way back, having to get through checkpoints, go through towns and the not great weather conditions caused him to arrive to late. By the time he got there South Zagoria had fallen, not that he cared at the time. Merek kept pushing on to the Island determined to find his family. The Outbreak Merek was overly cautious when he came back into South Zagoria, he had picked up a small pistol off a dead police officer to defend himself not that it mattered, he took a wide way around any moving humanoid figure he saw. He eventually got to a small dock across from the Island, seeing no boats in the nearby area he stashed the gun, some food and afew other basic supplies in a bush and cautiously made his way to the water.After taking off most of his clothes he had stored them in a dry bag before making the swim across. The cold water initially shocked his system so instead of swimming out he stayed in the water under the docks for a minute or so before swimming over quickly, wanting to get to land and hidden before anything saw him. Once on the other side he quickly got dressed however there was no signs of anyone anywhere. The boats were gone. The food was eaten. Nobody was around. He assumed everyone had left as he was walking to the house Ella, her aunt and uncle stayed at. He knocked on the door before walking inside to look around. Finding a note written by Ella he would set it down and quickly moves out of the house back towards the coast to make his way back to the mainland
  7. The Game

    ...Thanks @Terra
  8. Roleplay- Immersion and Believability

    It comes down to practice mate, like I got a northern Irish accent but over time if you keep trying at a Chernarussian one you can actually do it and it wont sound half bad
  9. Had loads of fun today at the UN camp with @RogueSolace @Spartan @derNils @Majoo @Razareth Way more there as well that I don't know the names of but it was a lot of fun
  10. @jason hunter Was fun as always mate <3 @derNils Glad I actually came on today, was really good thanks mate @Razareth Was nice seeing you again in rp after so long raz, as good as ever @Majoo Didn't expect to see you today like @Blackfyre Nostalgia lad, was class
  11. Back After a Long Time

    Good to see you finally back lad
  12. Mia Brown

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description and Features Long brown hair that goes down to between her shoulders, Usually in a ponytail Brown eyes Smaller frame and build No scar's as of yet __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Likes Video games Relaxing Being outdoors Cycling Walks/Hiking Talking Dislikes Messy People The rain Making fun of people Self Centered people Overly Rude people __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Background Mia was born in Melbourne Australia into a loving Upper Middle Class family, They lived on the outskirts of the town in a nice two story house. Mia preformed rather averagely at school but decided that she wasn't going to go to University as she felt it wasn't for her. She spent two years working in Australia doing odd jobs wherever she could find them. She had found herself being smothered by her parents more and more over the two years, being constantly pushed to go to University and try do ''Do something with her life'' as they put it. Frustrated with her parents she decided that she would sell her car, whatever possessions she did not need and decided that she would leave the country with the money from that and her savings. She had always wanted to go to Europe to travel and had planned to with the money but now she wanted to get somewhere quiet where her parents wouldn't find her, Eventually settling on the Idea of moving to Chernarus. So at the end of the month she done it, taking whatever few possession she owned she left the country for Chernarus. The first few days were hard to put it mildly, she had managed to learn a few basic phrases but nothing major and managed to get a cheap little apartment in Severograd with a shared Kitchen next to an old lady who owned the Supermarket down the street. After figuring out that Mia didn't speak the language the old lady talked more to her in English and eventually started teaching her more Chernarussian. After around a month she was starting to struggle for money, telling this to the lady she was offered a job. Her language skills had gotten better so she could have basic conversations in Chernarussian with any locals. Obviously she took the job happily and continued working there until shit hit the fan a few months later.
  13. Was fun day with @Ron @Terra and @Dan Backslide today Cheers lads
  14. To Anyone Out There [open freq.]

    *Elaine hears Steven and smiles, she would sit up in bed before she talks* Hey Steven! Good to see you're still okay, um... *She takes a few moments to think* I'm not sure if I can tell you where we all are.. b-but um... we aren't far from you! So um.. that's good right? *She laughs awkwardly* Um.. I think we are deciding what to do later, so we might be heading back towards Dubky.. Um... Take care! *Elaine sounds more cheery before she cuts off the transmission and lays back down*