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  1. Witnessing a political scandal can land someone in a lot of trouble, it's a lot of pressure to put on anyone let alone a kid. Rai was forced to run from his Washington D.C home at a young age, when he saw a politician doing a drug deal. With no proof, and being so young nobody believed what they thought to be a child's ramblings. So when Rai started to see strange scary looking men follow him around, he ran. Years past and he developed many skills in hand to hand combat fighting off thugs, and using different outfits to disguise himself. But living in hiding was enough to bring anyone down, nobody can run forever. So Rai fled the United States to Europe, living his life roving and looking for a new home. Eventually he found himself in a nation rebuilding itself, Chernarus. And though at the time he was young, being only 17, Labor was always welcome in Chernarus. So this is where Rai stayed, working odd jobs and living off the land for three years, until his ability to run and hide would come to use again in a very different way.
  2. That would be fun, my pc wouldn't be able to handle it. But it would still be fun!
  3. Application was accepted. Can't wait to roleplay with all of you!
  4. Hilarious RP, how do you do that accent?
  5. Hello! I'm Tyrannosaurus and i'm a new meber to DayZRP thanks for having me!