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  1. ...::: Static cuts out to the sound of footsteps on forest bed :::... "Not just doctors, I mean everyone. Is there a place you can go now?" ...::: Static resumes :::...
  2. ...::: Static from the radio cuts out and a male voice is heard over soft wind :::... "Hello, Chernarus." - Shuffling is heard, then a sigh - "I'm on my way to help a friend. I was passing an apartment complex and looked inside for supplies. I reached the roof and a woman rose from the shadow by a vent. Infected. Jumped me. I... " - a soft rustling sound is heard. "I know we've all seen this play out so many times now.. Never quite became normal for me. I just wanted to tell you.." - the rustling of paper is heard - "..just wanted to tell you Elaine was here. That's the name on a not
  3. ...::: Static cuts out to the sound of wind :::... "He sounds great. It's very important to have somebody like that. I'm confident you'll keep eachother safe. Say, have you been in contact with others like us recently? ...::: Static resumes :::...
  4. ...::: Static cuts out to the sound of footsteps :::... "I'm sorry. It must be hard.. I lost someone too, you know. Been looking ever since. They may very well be alright somewhere, away from this mess. But it's good to look. We need goals, especially in times like these." ...::: Static resumes, then cuts out again :::... "You know, I never had an actual teddy bear. Strange, huh? I had this plushie dog as a kid but I guess the thought of buying a proper teddy bear has never occured to my parents, heh. What's Bones like?" ...::: Static resumes :::...
  5. ...::: Static stops to the sound of footsteps on gravel :::... "I've got good news and bad news. Good news is, you've already felt the worst you'll feel. Bad news is it might take a couple of days for things to go back to normal, especially if you don't drink and eat. ...::: Static returns for a few seconds :::... "I'm sorry buddy, that must have been rough for you. The world is doing its thing around us and doesn't care about our individual struggles. But you've made it, even if it doesn't quite feel that way yet. I'm proud of you." ...::: Static resumes :::...
  6. ...::: Static cuts out to the sound of footsteps :::... "Ok, thank you for that, it must have taken courage to trust a stranger. Now, the area you've mentioned is further than I expected, but I will start moving in that direction. Before I do - how long has it been since your last dose? The best thing you can do now is to focus on the here and now. Stay safe, keep hydrated as much as possible. We'll figure this one out. Over." ...::: Static resumes :::...
  7. "It's ok. It's an antipsychotic benzodiazepine. You sound like you need help and I can provide that, if I'm anywhere near your location." ...::: Static :::...
  8. ..::: A click can be heard as the radio wakes from the static :::.. "I read you. Describe your whereabouts so we can meet."
  9. Hey there. I've been a member of the community for quite some time now, technically speaking. I don't remember what made me drop the idea of playing the first time, there were many things happening in my life. But now I have a craving for some roleplay and I looked to two communities that I associate with high quality. One of them being DayZRP. My first roleplaying experiences were DnD with my childhood friends. Then I started roleplaying in games, as a habit, while at the same time managing a Garry's Mod community and running different RP scripts on our server, 2 of which
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