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  1. Very nice guide. It's not something you see on most roleplay boards / sites. I liked the way you explained things and provided examples like the Haitian priest situation Will definitely be trying to use some of this to up my roleplay game. Thanks!
  2. Thank you all so much for the warm welcoming! Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to wait a lot longer seeing how I keep falling down the whitelist queue as there's more and more people. There were only 7 when I submitted the form, now I'm 61/77. Could have thought about it and registered before I bought the game. It's a shame because I couldn't force myself to play anything lately and I really wanted to, because the last month has been rather difficult, work has been boring and frustrating, I could use some past time second life. Well, maybe it'll feel better after the wait, when and if it's eventually done. Also, thanks for submitting the guides! Interesting reads, and reminded me of the good old days in Gmod roleplay.
  3. Hello. I've been a roleplayer for many years, starting out in D&D with my friends, playing countless hours of Garry's Mod half-scripted post-apocalyptic roleplay with a community I owned, had much fun playing on our server and posting IC content on our forum. What I seek in roleplaying is in-depth storytelling, immersion and atmosphere. I will do my best to make anyone who encounters me have a good time, even if the contact won't be friendly. I bought DayZ after watching many gameplay videos of RP and catching the hype. Welcome, community. I am currently awaiting my whitelist approval. See you all in Chernarus!