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  1. Hello DayZRP

    Hi and welcome. See you in there.
  2. New Player

    Thanks, I am very apricieted.
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  4. New Player

    [align=justify]Thanks. [align=justify]I have good understanding of rules and im now reading the Broadcasts, should have seen that before sending my whitelist, as now i could add more info for my character back story. Oh well, got a lot of reading to do.
  5. New Player

    [align=justify]Hi guys , my name is Igor, go by the nickname of TwiX (Love that choco bar). How all you doing? [align=justify]I live in Portugal Lisbon, but i am from Donetsk. [align=justify]Got the exp in role play with Arma 2, now finding my way in DayZ. [align=justify]Would love to give my part to the DayZRP community. Best of All to you guys.