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  1. Crashing

    16 gigs
  2. Crashing

    My DayZ will crash after 10, 20, 30 minutes of playing. How do I fix it? It'll happen anywhere. I get an error message that has a lot of 0's and mentions "memory". I'll send a screenshot of the error message next time it happens.
  3. Status on Characters

    Are you allowed to edit it or does it take whatever status your character has in game?
  4. Status on Characters

    Does anyone know if the status on your character means anything? Does it represent the health of your character? How much damage they've sustained? Is there any specific reason why it was added?
  5. I'm back! :D

    *Starts off the new lore playing as a member of the CDF* 2 months ago: *Tells Major I'll be gone for a week* Today: *Plays DayZ for the first time in 2 months*
  6. DayZ wont stay in full screen

  7. DayZ wont stay in full screen

    Nope. And it's not a windowed version im getting. It's like a smaller, cut-off screen.
  8. DayZ wont stay in full screen

    It didn't work
  9. DayZ wont stay in full screen

    Im sure this problem has been brought up and answered but I can't seem to find it. I load up DayZ and after a few seconds it will go to a partial screen and not full screen. No matter how many times i tab in and out, it wont stay in full screen.
  10. I came back, the CDF is gone, and now idk what to do .-.

    1. PCJames


      You need to catchup my man

  11. My name was mentioned, and even though the chat logs were pulled, I do feel like I can still put my opinion. Most of the OOC chatting was stuff that was either irrelevant, or could've been stated later over PM, or TS. It wasn't a huge deal but it did get rather annoying at times when he would go OOC several times in a short time period.
  12. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Yeah it's not 100% accurate, It's just an easy way to get a rough estimate on what you need your range to be at.
  13. You are banned

    Why Does this make me wanna be an admin?