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  1. My name was mentioned, and even though the chat logs were pulled, I do feel like I can still put my opinion. Most of the OOC chatting was stuff that was either irrelevant, or could've been stated later over PM, or TS. It wasn't a huge deal but it did get rather annoying at times when he would go OOC several times in a short time period.
  2. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Yeah it's not 100% accurate, It's just an easy way to get a rough estimate on what you need your range to be at.
  3. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

  4. You are banned

    Why Does this make me wanna be an admin?
  5. The movie we will never get to see ;-;

    "Escape From Kolgujev", the movie that never came to be. Starring: Ray Moneypenny
  6. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Dirty Mexicans
  7. This joke has no doubt been made but I just found this person sooo....

    1. Rory


      That song sux tbh

    2. EpicShipshock


      I like it. Don't know exactly what he's saying but it's a good song to listen to in the background.

    3. Puncture


      This what they all been waitin' for
      I guess so
      They been waitin' for this shit for a long time didn’t they
      I'ma give it everythin' I got
      Ayo Dougie park that X6 around the corner
      Ayy I'm just feelin' my vibe right now
      I'm feelin' myself

      Panda, Panda
      Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda

      I got broads in Atlanta
      Twistin' dope, lean, and the Fanta
      Credit cards and the scammers
      Hittin' off licks in the bando
      Black X6, Phantom
      White X6 looks like a panda
      Goin' out like I'm Montana
      Hundred killers, hundred hammers
      Black X6, Phantom
      White X6, panda
      Pockets swole, Danny
      Sellin' bar, candy
      Man I'm the macho like Randy
      The choppa go Oscar for Grammy
      Bitch nigga pull up ya panty
      Hope you killas understand me

    4. Mr.Panda


      Lol I'm too poor to afford a profile song or I would xD

  8. We're back. (Children of Eden open frequency 35.1)

    *Artem Pushes the PTT button* "Officer Reynolds, how soon until Ебать обличчя here is captured and killed?" *Artem releases the button*
  9. We're back. (Children of Eden open frequency 35.1)

    *Artem pushes the PTT button and a Ukrainian accent is heard* "Смоктати мої яєчка." *Radio goes silent*
  10. Safe place in Gorka (Open Freq. 101.7)

    *Presses the PTT button; Ukrainian accent speaks over the radio* "Looks like the safe haven has crumbled rather quickly. Everything goes to Дерьмо eventually though, correct?" *Radio clicks off*
  11. Černaruská Republika - [99.1 Open Frequency]

    *Artem presses the PTT* "Eh... hello. I am not military. But where in Ебать is Kladivo? I met this guy by name of Lukas Zima and he told me about a bar, but I can't that that either. You military types don't seem to have your shit together." *There is a long pause* *Artem becomes sarcastic* "Oh... my bad. I forgot to say 'over'."
  12. No longer will leniency be shown [Open frequency]

    *Radio clicks on* *Small chatter is head in the background; the man speaking has a mild Ukrainian accent* "So Russians are seizing things that don't belong to them?" *Artem puts on a sarcastic tone* "I wonder when the last time that happened was." *Before Artem puts away the radio he mutters something* "Чертовски росіяни." *Radio turns off*
  13. Artem looking for Sofiya [OPEN FREQ]

    *Artem fumbles with the radio and presses the PTT button* *Voices of people can be heard vaguely in the background* *Artem has a mild Ukrainian accent* "Hello, my name is Artem Skevenko. I used to work as a chemical engineer for a mining company here in Chernarus. I came here with my girlfriend, Sofiya. She was-" *Artem is inturrupted by someone who can barely be heard over the radio* "Artem get over here, I need some help!" "Fix it the fuck yourself, дурень! They never should have given you a Чертовски gun!" "Where was I at... yes. Sofiya, if you can hear this over the radio, meet me at the bar that has been established by Davidek Zima." "And Sofiya... i'm so sorry for leaving you at home that day. I know you were sick but I had already taken off a week from work. They would have fired me..." *Artem begins to sob* "Чому наш будинок був вогонь, коли я повернувся?!" *A loud bang is heard over the radio, like someone punched a table. Sobs are heard after* "Artem, Artem... Come here." *Sobs are heard right before the radio clicks off*
  14. TABZ

    http://landfall.se/tabz/ I think everyone should check out this game. If you go to the site you can get a steam code and play it for free. It's like DayZ but 1000x worse, but it's still fun to play a couple times because it's silly.