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  1. I don't know exactly what barn I was left in. It could not be more than 500mins to 1000m from gm. And, for the badrp, when u had taken me hostage, the only "RP" you did was, Im sorry I have to do this. Then I said you should have jsut asked for my shirt. And before you rob, u have to make sure that u have the supplies in order to leave the victim with, and seeds cannot be counted as a food because I, for one did not have the tools to plant it, nor was I told that the plots were at gm I believe I was dark green hydrated when this had taken place/ I understanded that u rped to us leaving gm, saying we should go before it got dangerous, and I came with u. But, u need to rp when u r holding me up, not jsut robbing me, not leaving m with food or drink, and leaving
  2. Server and location: S2 Barn Close to GM Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Roughly 16:10 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Jasper Rye Names of allies involved: None Name/Skin of suspect/s: Chris McNair, Jaxon Grey, and one other person Suspects weapon/s: Svd, shotgun, pistol Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Recording once rendering is complete Detailed description of the events: So,a lot of tension was being built up at GM. Seeing this, a couple of guys and I, decided to get out of Gm before a gun fight had gone down. We were running, and we arrived at a barn. Here, the three men began to rob me. They robbed me of my shirt, and then just took off, saying that they left me with food and water. However, after I broke out and checked around the barn, no food or water was left for me, only a pack of seeds. The robbery was about 5-10 mins, but they never attempted to rp with me, until the end when they said that they would shoot me if I left the barn before 5 mins.
  3. Swiss Chezze

    [S2] RDM/Failed Initiation Near GM

    I only shot mosin at cows like 20 mins before
  4. Yes. Thank you. No, I did not want to go back to my gear... I just wanted to return to Gm.
  5. I was being held up, and as soon as the handcuffs were put on me, my game crashed. I reopened it and I had died. Does the NLR apply?
  6. my name is jasper rye, and i was at gm at the time of the incident. i was not part of the group that captured Daerion.
  7. IDK who it was. But, I was told to do very wierd taks. I was told to go to where I was shot. I pointed at it, and I was beaten, I told them where it was , and then I was beaten. I ran over to where it was, and I was beaten.? Do u not see a problem with that?
  8. no. I asked for stuff to surviv. In chat, I typed OOC that I needed supplies and it was necessary for u to give that. One of ur men said, there is a water source nearby in response to my ooc typing about the food,water,etc. U said that u shot me because I could not give u a reason to live? Don't say 2 different stories please.
  9. Server and location: S1 , at GM Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16:00 to 18:46 20/08/15 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime/Nighttime Your in game name: Jasper Rye Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Barry Yeetski, Alex Vekiolov, Yuri Drakov, David Montanez(THE ONE WHO DID THE PAINRP, SHOT ME IN LEG) and 4 others(Man says in video that there were 8 of them) Suspects weapon/s: AK Variants/ fists Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NONE Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video Upon request Detailed description of the events: Alright. So, I was at GM. A group of 8 were there. I was trying to converse and be friendly, and they were being very pushy. Seeing this, I had tried to get away, but then a fresh spawn came. Knowing that he was part of the group, I had begun to go to compound in order to get him a vest to maybe make peace with them. However, when I tried to leave, they had told me that they were going to rob me. Fearing this, I ran into the guard house. Here, I was shot at, then I shot back, and then told that I would not be harmd if I came out. However, when I was coming out(Gun down) and I presed H to put away the gun, and its common knowledge that it takes awhile, I was shot. Then, when I came through, I was stripped. I am through, and seeing how they were breaking the rules, I tried to get pulses. Seeing this would fail, I told them that I needed suppleis to survive. I was given a meat tenderiser, one pack of powdered milk, and a children's breiefcase. I told them that there was no water, and they said that their was a water source nerby. Also, when I said about the water source, they replied in game, VOIP, other than OOC. A man came with PAINRP, (HIS NAME IS IN VIDEO) and had begun to punch me. I also was told to point to them where I was shot, and hen I tried, they all hd begun to punch me again and again and saying answer. So when I went to the point, they told me to put my hands up and were asking why I was running, even though I told them I was showing him wher eI was shot. Then I was sent to the wall. Here, the man kept on condicting himself, as well as many of my other captors. I was shot in the leg, and my supplies were ruined. I was then sent to the jailroom, where I tried to tell him that he kept on contradicting himself, and he asked me if I had any last words. I said GoodBye, and he shot me. I was also not enjoying this, and in RP the victim and captor must enjoy the capture. I was also left with broken legs.
  10. K. Seeing this, I could post the video tonight. Thx. It may take a couple of minutes. I would like to close this report. It was talked out on TeamSpeak.
  11. My vid evidence will be posted tomorrow, Im sorry because it will take over 2 days to post it, and I need to render it. However, I still need to preform other tasks on my computer, and with it rendering, I can barely use google chrome. I am sorry for the in-convenience that this will cause the game-masters. I hope that you will still be willing to look at this post.
  12. My vid evidence is over 1hr long. Should I just post the part of them taking my hostag, or from the beginning at Green Mountain?
  13. And Jethro ( Lue) said that if I got out of it alive, I could meet up with him. RP. if I die, I usually make a new character. Meaning, I forget everything cuz NLR. Yes, but you have to play with VALUE FOR LIFE. It SAYS THAT IN THE RULES?????? You may be unstable, but you still need Value for Life.
  14. Still, this is Rp. It should be treated like real life. You do not run over a mine in real life to kill somone, and drop your loot before you do it because you want to come back to it. that is a prime xample of NVFL. I had asked them, and they said that even though I said that u could execute me if it came to that, you still need a valid reason. Me survivng the landmine is not a valid reason. So... NVFL and RDM. I'm sorry Lue that you got caught in this. NVFL. And unstable character?????????????? Really? NVFL. And unstable character?????????????? Really? I did pull out a gun.
  15. No, it was one of ur guys because they picked back up their loot after from a tree,and it was still NVFL because they asked why wasnt I dead, which meant that they did not know about the landmine glitch. No matter what, it was no respect for life