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  1. *Man starts transmitting* "It's me again, I've been chased down, I think i'm ending this myself, goo *a revolver gunshot*" *Radio starts beeping and transmission ends.*
  2. .58 Experimental!

    My guard houses, no longer 1h then fully geared?
  3. **Presses down transmission button** "Location? I will come to aid you" **Releases the button**
  4. Goodmorning Users.

    Hi and welcome to the community! I'm also a very new player but i can tell you, from my experience, this is by far the best dayz community i've been in (and i've been in plenty haha). I wish you good luck! Also, if you need any help contact the community helpers, they are really helpful, One of them, Kattica was the reason i passed the whitelist for explaining the kos rule for me haha
  5. Interest in a RP Rust server?

    I'm a pretty experienced rust player (about 400 hours), the game does not fit the RP category but it was a nice idea anyways!
  6. Weirdest character ideas you've had

    I was going to create a super angry russian psycho but hehe, turned into a hunter instead bringing food to the people of chenarus!
  7. The moon

    I didn't notice this till now! Thanks for letting me know haha.
  8. Hi

    Thank you all! I have finally been whitelisted!
  9. Hello!

    Same here! Hopefully we stumble across some day! Good luck!
  10. Post your most stressful moments

    was bleeding still chased by about 8 zombies, had 2 makarov bullets, rip me haha
  11. **Man picks up radio pressed down the transmit button** "If there is anyone out there, please help me, I'm currently located in Chernogorsk, I'm a senior police officer or was. I'm all on my own with my makarov service pistol, please if ther........." **Radio cuts out then cuts back in** "HEEEEEELP! *gunshots*" ** Cuts out again and remains quite**
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I'm blacklisted from sending more whitelist applications as i failed on the 3rd attempt. Why the verdict is not fair: I can explain what happen, I got helped yesterday with the KoS explanation and finally got it right, today i submitted it but as i have a document with my application explanations in i accidentally took the wrong one and pasted the old NLR explanation where i didn't mention the NLR timer that is 90 minutes and does not get effected by a server restart, i already know everything but i just took the wrong one, if they can remove this one so it doesn't count it would be greatly appreciated. as this one was a bit of a fail i would like to submit my "real" explanation. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Above ^ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get un-blacklisted from applying for whitelist.
  13. Hi

    Hehe i've already read all the rules to get the rulephrase haha, I know every single rule except the KoS one hehe, i don't quite understand it but Kattica is helping me out
  14. Hi

    Hello there! My name is hoblit I'm a 16 year old Swedish guy that loves dayz, I bought the game 2 days after the release, i have been trying to get in here for over 3 months, but the whitelist has been closed almost every time! (other accs got deleted becaus ei didnt post) I have made 2 unsuccessful application but after help from the amazing staff team i finally think i got that KoS question right! You guys do indeed have a very good staff team. Sincerely, Hoblit