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  1. *Man starts transmitting* "It's me again, I've been chased down, I think i'm ending this myself, goo *a revolver gunshot*" *Radio starts beeping and transmission ends.*
  2. My guard houses, no longer 1h then fully geared?
  3. Hoblit

    Emergency Broadcast from Mr. Million (All frequencies)

    **Presses down transmission button** "Location? I will come to aid you" **Releases the button**
  4. Hi and welcome to the community! I'm also a very new player but i can tell you, from my experience, this is by far the best dayz community i've been in (and i've been in plenty haha). I wish you good luck! Also, if you need any help contact the community helpers, they are really helpful, One of them, Kattica was the reason i passed the whitelist for explaining the kos rule for me haha
  5. Hoblit

    Interest in a RP Rust server?

    I'm a pretty experienced rust player (about 400 hours), the game does not fit the RP category but it was a nice idea anyways!
  6. Hoblit

    Weirdest character ideas you've had

    I was going to create a super angry russian psycho but hehe, turned into a hunter instead bringing food to the people of chenarus!
  7. I didn't notice this till now! Thanks for letting me know haha.
  8. Thank you all! I have finally been whitelisted!
  9. Same here! Hopefully we stumble across some day! Good luck!
  10. was bleeding still chased by about 8 zombies, had 2 makarov bullets, rip me haha
  11. **Man picks up radio pressed down the transmit button** "If there is anyone out there, please help me, I'm currently located in Chernogorsk, I'm a senior police officer or was. I'm all on my own with my makarov service pistol, please if ther........." **Radio cuts out then cuts back in** "HEEEEEELP! *gunshots*" ** Cuts out again and remains quite**
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I'm blacklisted from sending more whitelist applications as i failed on the 3rd attempt. Why the verdict is not fair: I can explain what happen, I got helped yesterday with the KoS explanation and finally got it right, today i submitted it but as i have a document with my application explanations in i accidentally took the wrong one and pasted the old NLR explanation where i didn't mention the NLR timer that is 90 minutes and does not get effected by a server restart, i already know everything but i just took the wrong one, if they can remove this one so it doesn't count it would be greatly appreciated. as this one was a bit of a fail i would like to submit my "real" explanation. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Above ^ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get un-blacklisted from applying for whitelist.
  13. Hoblit

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    My keyboard? Going to smash that zombie!
  14. Hehe i've already read all the rules to get the rulephrase haha, I know every single rule except the KoS one hehe, i don't quite understand it but Kattica is helping me out
  15. Hello there! My name is hoblit I'm a 16 year old Swedish guy that loves dayz, I bought the game 2 days after the release, i have been trying to get in here for over 3 months, but the whitelist has been closed almost every time! (other accs got deleted becaus ei didnt post) I have made 2 unsuccessful application but after help from the amazing staff team i finally think i got that KoS question right! You guys do indeed have a very good staff team. Sincerely, Hoblit