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  1. Alex Redfield POV I met Eva and Eric at Mishkino tents, they asked me if I shooted 1 round, I said no, because I was there after them. I spoke VOIP with Eric, Eva was typing, no big deal. I was being friendly to them, asked Eva for help about a mag that i couldnt get, she told me it was bugged. After that, we kept RPing, I gave some ammo to Eric because he told me he was looking for ammo and I had plenty of it, and they were being friendly to me so I gave it. After that, i spotted Max in the hill, they said he was with them, just overwatching the area. Then, he cames to me and started being hostile about my black beret. Even before that, Eva asked me to remove it from my head and so I did it. Max started accusing me of using that beret as a signal of being part of a group I cant remember the name, and that group killed many people... I though he was RPing and I didnt realize why he was being so mad to me since i wasnt wearing it anymore and I was friendly to his friends, then they called me to the woods, I went without being hostile, they asked me to drop my gear and so I did it. They took my weapon, my vest, all of my ammo, some food and Max kept being hostile to me, speaking again about my beret, saying that if he ever sees me again he would kill me, and I was tired of that and I said to him that I would be the one killing him. After that, they took off, I went back to Mishkino tents. I started looting and I grabbed an ak74u, a mag for it and some other stuff i cant remember. After that I left the tents, I was heading to Mishkino when I saw them. I wasnt looking for them, i just saw them. They saw me as well, and I kept running not in their direction but straight foward, so they could see that i wasnt chasing them, and then Max started firing at me for no reason. I didnt had any gun in my hands, i didnt insulted them, he shooted 2 or 3 shots, the first hitted me and made me bleed, the second broke my legs. That as an hostile action for no reason. I bandaged, they came, Max was being hostile again saying i was chasing them and I said i wasnt. Eric made me a splint, i used it, then I asked him for a saline, he gave it aswell. Max kept being hostile and at that time I took my weapon and killed him. He fired at me for no reason, he broke my legs and ruined my food but what if he killed me instead of breaking my legs? PS: I had time to go back to the tents, getting some loot, including an AK and a mag for it before I head to Mishkino. It was not my fault they were still there. How could I be near them suddenly as they say? If I broke any rule, it was not my intention. I killed him because he fired and almost killed me without reason. I don't have anything to say about the way Eva and Eric interacted with me during the whole situation. I'll answer any questions if its necessary