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  1. Its been about 3 to 4 months since i last had internet,and I'm missing dayz and role play. But my schooling is going fine. I managed to get permission to leave campus for the weekend and thank god i have internet. Thats not the reason I'm posting just wanted to check in before i had to get back to my education. For those that remember me I miss you and to the new folks,I look forward to meeting you after another year or so of schooling and I can actually get on the internet more than once every 3 months. P.s Roach the people love your game.
  2. So I loved the community and the roleplay,but im in job core now and I cant get on steam witch means I cant get on dayz. So I guess ill be back when I finish school..
  3. As far as i know we have settlements...and quite a few. Granted who you know and who knows you helps a lot. Most groups control a part of the map in a way. If your in dolina,and Alcyone is online you are gonna be mostly safe. Yeah the 501'st could roll up because there is someone they don't like inside and hold the entire town up. But for the most part it is kinda like real life. Eveywhere has a chance of getting invaded by another country or terrorist group some more likely than others,But it is still possible. I think the system works perfectly as is. On another note,iv seen the system where safe zones are safe,but it seems to ruin the rp around the zone because people stop worrying about there characters reputation in the zone because they cant be hurt. They run wild cussing saying they wanna kill everyone pushing people around and being annoying and they as soon as they leave like 20 people run up on them and they go on the forums to cry.
  4. Grimskie

    New Website Banners Go Here!

    I cant scale them down or crop anything out without making them look bad,but if anyone knows how to without ruining the pictures here is a link to 20 or so. http://grimskie.imgur.com/all/ or https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LyWD4hZtW0FGowj1nReTIIPPqhABwY8808r4v3ZzIPs/edit?usp=sharing I would also like to know what you use to take screen shots and what your setting are. Because all those are max settings,taken with steam overlay.
  5. Grimskie

    S2 Kos

    No name sadly,and i got unlucky and it happened to be one of the rare times ii was not recording. Should be the only kill log if there is any on me though.
  6. Grimskie

    S2 Kos

    Server and location: Cherno/electro Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4:08 server time 11/08/2015 Daytime or Night-time: dawn Your in game name: Ezra Reznik Names of allies involved:N/a Name/Skin of suspect/s: white skin,blu shirt Suspects weapon/s: first. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): A truck we used to get there. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I had to log off to fix a glitch and when i logged back on i had been killed. He did not indicate and i told him ooc i was re logging. Detailed description of the events: I had got out of my truck to kill a zombie,when i was driving away i saw this guy standing by the zombie,so i turned around to talk to him. After a bit of talking i offered him a ride and we headed to cherno/electro. I got lost on the way but i think we ended up in cherno,i parked the truck and we headed around town on foot. He sprinted to the army barracks witch freaked me out but i didnt say anything,when i cough up he had a new side arm but no ammo. He saw a a zombie,and asked me to kill it. SO i was like yeah,let me just pull out my rifle. But my inventory was bugged so i said in occ "Inventory bug re logging brb." or something very close to that and logged out. When i logged in all my stuff was gone and i had spawned on the coast.
  7. I'd have to say,sitting next to a campfire listening to eddy beck get interviewed by a french reporter. At times it felt a bit awkward for my character and him being sick at the time didn't help but overall it was an amazing story and i ended up sitting there for a good 3 or so hours just talking to people,even after eddy left.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): INSERT_LINK_HERE n/a Why the verdict is not fair: INSERT_TEXT_HERE I'm 18 Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: INSERT_TEXT_HERE Sent proof to admins. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: INSERT_TEXT_HERE To be unbanned. What could you have done better?: INSERT_TEXT_HEREn/a
  9. So its my 3rd attempt on the white list,and id really like to double,tipple check these definitions. If anyone has any input that would be amazing. Kos:Killing on sight. //snip- do not post your whitelist application on the forums- The Spartan
  10. Hey,my name is Michael,and I'm a huge gamer and role player. I have been "casually" Role playing for around eight years now. Starting off when i was in 4th grade,in a game called club penguin. No it was not good roleplay i was pretty young but it is was got me into roleplay,my interest in roleplay has escalated ever sense. After i started more interested in role play i moved to games like second life and minecraft,and then a few forums. Post apocalyptic roleplay has always been my favorite,but roleplaying in fallout just was not doing it for me and i figured the next best was probably dayz. When i saw this community it looked...amazing to be honest,seeing all the people who hold some of the ideas i do so strongly. People who are so passionate about roleplay and dayz. It is truly a beacon of hope. I hope to join you all soon. If you have any questions about me,feel free to ask here or message me.