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  1. Born in Vienna Austria to a wealthy Doctor, He was trained from an early age on the ideals and practices of Psychology and Therapy, His father ran one of the so-called Snake Pits [asylums that were rather….horrific] and taught his son the tools of the trade from electroshock to hypnotism and flagellation, He went to school in the Medical School of Vienna and gained his doctorate at the top of his class, He went and took over his father’s old asylum after he had…...Disappeared under mysterious circumstances…...
  2. Born March. 2nd 1980 in Halifax, Canada, To Laura and Dorian Falrich. He worked as a doctor in the U.S Army C.A.S.H's and was injured during battle while in afghanistan on a joint project b etween U.S and Canada, Is in Chernarus with the Red Cross And is in good spirits. Was trianed at John Hopkins in a Surgical Degree with Understudies In Pshycology and Pshyciatry as intrests he hoped he wpould later persue He married his wife Julia in 1999 and had his first daughter Alexis a year later his second daughter Gwen coming 5 years after that, His wife is currently deceased and is now dealing with the fallout from that!
  3. Server and location: s2 near kamyshovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07:05 2017-06-22 Your in game name: Edmond Falrich Names of allies involved: Michale sampson Name of suspect/s: Matt Spring Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I would Like to preface this that i don't want this guy to get in trouble just taught how to correctly RP since he seemed Extraordinarily new and I know how hard that is. [perhaps put into the mentor thing we have going on] Me and My Michale were walking down the road to kamyshovo looking for loot after the server wipe and we had both for the first time since been on. We saw a fresh spawn running up to us [not an odd occurence on the coast] and said hello he dident answer back for a moment than I did a small emote and he said Hi and was kind of fidgity I went "//are you new?" and he answered something along the lines of "//I just died at north west airfield XD" then started to run around us a couple of times and I said "Do you need any help?" [voip] and then he just ran off into the distance the way we had came. He also sounded rather young but that usually does not mean anything some people just have high voices [like me for example] but I thought it worth mentioning.
  4. awwwwww i LIKED the red and dark colors cause it dident hurt my eyes as much.......
  5. Haliax

    Shut down S2

    S1 IS crap for the majority of us over here in NA and 300 ping DOES effect the game with lag and fps dropping but hey lose most of the americans and canadians.......
  6. Server and location: S2 Kamyshovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:48 23-01-2017 Your in game name: Edmond Falrich Names of allies involved: Michale Samson Name of suspect/s: Kevin Johnson Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were rolling in Kamy and just scaving and playing some music, killing zed and this woman walks up to us talking with a mans voice, I try to roll with it but it's just so weird i ask OOC //are you supposed to be a woman or a man? then he just runs off and starts looting a zed at which point i pulse check him beccause i wanted to make sure i got his name then he sat in the killing animation then said "naw just kidding" then ran again for a bit we asked if he was whitelisted. Or if he knew he was in a RP server then just said in VOIP "ya I need to change my character real quick" and logged right in front of us it was annoying and frustrating that this guy was breaking the immersion and rp of me and michale meeting again for the first time in a while and the rp of just scavving ina whole. Then I logged to make this report due to him being gone and i was not sure if he was gonna come back P.S im not looking to get this guy banned I just want to have him warned that he should read the rules of the community before going on and playing like that cause it kind of ruined our whole RP.
  7. Love you bro hope we can play together again someday [and have some more of that torture fun!]
  8. Do you even have a right to talk about NEW PLAYERS? You are barely in this community for a week and this system [which is a good system] has worked and been in place for a long time. Plus if I have to Whisper to someone im not going to lean ver and whisper to them in VOIP because some people will still say they heard it but when i go *whispers* we should rob him, Then they can't because it was WHISPERED to them also if i want to emote im gonna have to use text rp that's what a lot of text rp is Emoting actions like *pulls cigarette to his mouth and takes a long drag.* people dot need to prove they can rp some people need to PRACTICE AND GET BETTER. im not attacking you but im just letting you know just because someone isn't an experienced RPer doesn't mean that 1 they can't get better and 2 they should not be allowed to play. If you are not experienced we should at the very least allow you to get better at it before we condemn you.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT! we be listening to some weird stuff -Haliax
  10. *aleksei picks up his radio and nonchalantly not looking away from his book says* Ah screw it my beard is getting a bit long it better not be a trap but if it ain't I got some morphine with your name on it! *He puts it down scratching his rather unkempt hair and starts to pack up*
  11. *the Old man picks up his radio and speaks with a high-pitched chernarussian accent* Hello I am a little bit of a trader and historian if people will be ther it is worth my time so give me a time and location and I will be sure to arrive *he puts down the radio and writes in his book*
  12. *Edmond picks up his radio set pulling a patch over his eye to protect it and clicks the button on the Side Moaning can be heard extremely close by* Liam if you're out there still alive in this godforsaken hell hole I am back from my little "trip" over the pond and I have some news that may be good or bad depends on how you take it *He Coughs taking a sip from his bottle* Well I found this Mr "Wilkins" he was holed up in this old abandoned factory with about a dozen guys long story short I got some help and we sieged the place for 5 days until we led a horde right through the doors of his encampment. It was a right mess and soon after we extracted the son of a bitch he started blubbering about how he didn't do whatever he did to me and said he was just a survivor with a shit ton of food medical supplies and weapons and he fit the general description of the asshole Scruffy business suit and cowboy hat am i right? *takes another sip as he sits on top of the building then takes a breath and continues* Well after a couple of hours of my old "Fun" I got this little tidbit from him and I quote "That bitch? ha she escaped and killed two of my guards in the process I think the crazies got her good riddance" then after that I asked him a couple more questions then asked him if he knew a "Good way to get out of here" and he showed me a small stockpile of parts to fix my plain I then had my new friend Francis. Nice guy by the way, crucify him then stick him up where the dead could get him and cut out his tongue and then took his right eye and left his guys heads line the entire building. *He chuckles and then speaks again* Thought you might wanna know and if you want some specifics we need to meet so give me a time and a place and we can have a little talk of my adventures. *He takes his radio and throws it in his bag than packs up pulls out his gun pops the dead one he chained to the then the sound fizzles out*
  13. Haliax


    wow Dora I am ashamed to be sitting in the same channel as you right now Old man Sighs and Leaves
  14. well you have certainly done your homework the 5 pillars and other positions of the religion plus it has the same extremist views as the real thing so Good Job on keeping to lore and realism and Good Luck Beating all of us Eastern Orthodox Cherna-Russians
  15. *Alexi Picks up his radio and speaks in a light crisp Russian-accented voice and grabs his Kalashnikov* The people of Chernarus do not want you here I even believe that the Cherna-Russians and the Russians would even join together in as I saw before an "Orthodox Crusade" this world is not yours and you have no right to spread this perverse twisted sense of a once beautiful religion that I respected but did not follow. One final thing I would tell you to turn away now for there aren't many mMuslimshere but there are MANY of us Christians Strength in numbers nyah? *puts down the radio and slides back the Kalashnikov chuckling as he prepares his stock to sell in a potential war that could make him wealthy"
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