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  1. Edmond Falrich

    Born March. 2nd 1980 in Halifax, Canada, To Laura and Dorian Falrich. He worked as a doctor in the U.S Army C.A.S.H's and was injured during battle while in afghanistan on a joint project b etween U.S and Canada, Is in Chernarus with the Red Cross And is in good spirits. Was trianed at John Hopkins in a Surgical Degree with Understudies In Pshycology and Pshyciatry as intrests he hoped he wpould later persue He married his wife Julia in 1999 and had his first daughter Alexis a year later his second daughter Gwen coming 5 years after that, His wife is currently deceased and is now dealing with the fallout from that!
  2. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    awwwwww i LIKED the red and dark colors cause it dident hurt my eyes as much.......
  3. Shut down S2

    S1 IS crap for the majority of us over here in NA and 300 ping DOES effect the game with lag and fps dropping but hey lose most of the americans and canadians.......