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  1. Welcome, good luck on your whitelist!
  2. I would love to see time spent in server, and time spent alive etc. That'd be pretty cool, but I feel like some people would try to seek out those with a long time alive if it were available to... shorten that time? +1 Either way from me.
  3. +1 Seems like a great idea.
  4. I didn't even know I could add an icon to my name. Riperino I got a heart now. Magic!

  5. Same old same in the short time I've been back. Got robbed, had some great RP though so it's not bad. Doc is running around like a wild man trying to save lives!
  6. It was indeed great! Sorry I missed your talking to me during that I sometimes miss the IG chat playing on 4k it's pretty small.
  7. @Beni @Cid @Elmo Thanks guys for giving me serious replies. I appreciate all of the different views and I think there is something to be said about being able to amicably speak about these things.
  8. I'll chime in on this as a '13 player back in the mod days. My words don't have the weight as nearly any other player of that long due to a few long breaks, but I feel they still have some weight behind them. Let me know what you think. @Phoenix @Rolle @Hebee @Cid @The Traveler @Elmo @Beni The tags are people I've seen in this thread that I think would give some good constructive criticism and debate to my post. 1.) I agree, since I've come back there are tons of reports going on, and every old post I look at is riddled with banned users. I believed back then that the community was mature enough to handle the back and forth banter, but I don't think so anymore. Though this problem isn't rooted in the community as much as it is rooted in our societies outside of our little RP world here. We simply can't keep everyone happy as is obvious by the discontent in the community. 2.) I have run into a lot more people complaining about the Hostile RPers lately, though I personally have run into less hostile RP since I've been back, even the last few days I have been actively running around the triangle and have run into scarce amounts of people. I feel that the complaints are rooted in the experiences they receive. I have two notable experiences since my return, one being a group of 4 trying to surround me and my friend in a field. It was shoddy RP if it could even be called that as they kept saying "can you put away your guns?" and then try to block us in again, only initiating after a couple minutes and 100-200m of moving away from their surrounding us. 2a.) The second interaction was much more enjoyable but still left a little stale taste in my mind. I happened to run into a guy in Kab and one of his friends showed up and me shooting an infected behind his friend led to them saying I shot their man and then 6 more people rush up and rob me of my juicy medical supplies. I had no issues with the robbery, but I just want to remind some people that RP is a two way street. I apologized on the off chance I actually did hit him in the arm and offered my doctor skills, which I was only met with the usual insults, "Your a shitty doctor, half your patients probably die." Now insults are fine, but I just sat there having to argue that I was not a murderer and actually a doctor/trader. I didn't feel that I was able to forward my character in any meaningful way from this apart from the hours it took for me to finally run into people. I'm not saying it was badRP just was just a one sided group of 6-8 people RPing their characters and then leaving, where I sat in the square on my knees as they took my stuff really just wanting to have been able to doctor the man I supposedly shot. 2b.) It's a disconnect from both sides. There are too many people on the forums advocating for "their style", but correct me if I'm wrong, there is no point in hostile RP without campfire RP, or else it might as well be vanilla DayZ with semi-moderated gunfights. And there can't be a campfire RP without hostile RP or else we'd be playing a boring ol' PvE server where almost no one dies, cause the zombies are hardly a major threat in their current volume. I feel we need to find a way to close the gap and help people to understand that we all NEED each other campfire and hostile to progress the lore and our characters. There has to be the fear factor, and there has to be a relaxing factor, with each other, not always just our groups, or play-style partners. 3.) I do find it weird how many people run into gunfights intentionally, but you have to agree there can be a valid reason. In the case of my doctor character I've yet to make any meaningful lore for, I would actively go to them albeit cautiously with no gun and my hands up, because my character is a man trying to help those injured. Bring them the life saving help they may need, since doctors are not a dime a dozen anymore. 4.) This is entirely off topic of the 3 statements you gave, but feel free to give your opinion on it. I feel that people are relying less and less on each other. I know it's been almost 1000 days since the start, but realistically thinking, the chances to learn anything drop dramatically as the days pass. How can a group of medically untrained people take basically a pharmacies worth of supplies, and accurately use everything from saline and blood bags, to knowing what kind of medicine to take, and such. I think that people are using the game mechanics far too casually as if they were just playing the game. Not everyone knows how to hunt, not everyone would know how to shoot accurately or handle recoil, not everyone would be strong enough to split an infected skull with an axe, but we force these aspects on the players. I feel we are taking ourselves out at the knee by eliminating the need to rely on other survivors who DO have more skills than us in certain areas, and instead further our characters without having actually gotten the experience ICly. Sorry for the wall of text, but I feel being an older community member I needed to give my full opinions.
  9. I can honestly see where this came from and I must admit I'm a bit sad that it was a NVFL that resulted in punishment as ICly there are very valid reasons to sacrifice yourself for someone else. My character I created a page for would surely sacrifice himself to save his daughter, assuming I find someone to RP her, which I'm sure would net me the same kind of punishment as that man. While NVFL is a rule I think is needed to avoid troll players always trying to sacrifice themselves or abuse a more lenient version. I think as long as a NVFL break caused a perma-death then it can be phenomenal RP for all parties involved, and massively affect the morale, mental state, and direction the involved parties characters were at before they started the interaction. Edit: I'm not encouraging anyone to break the NVFL role if the RP would benefit from it, just maybe it should be looked into somehow allowing this type of RP.
  10. I really think that it will die down a bit more in response to the lore wipe, and then pick up after it. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, though I have been out of the loop for a while so I don't know everything that has happened in the forums over the periods of time that I have been away. Though from what everyone else is saying, it's just a matter of where you look on the forums.
  11. Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I think that settles it for me.
  12. Heya, I have been given the contributor rank from my 50 EUR donations way back in the mod days for skins, I was wondering if I upgraded it seems the upgrade price is to cover the difference from the 40 EUR contributor rank and the say 200 EUR Tycoon for a total of 160 EUR. Is that how I'll have to do it as in the end it seems I'd be spending 10 EUR more than I should if that is the case of such. Just a curious question as I was wondering.
  13. I'm sure my thoughts have been stated from others before, but if not I'm throwing in my two cents. I like the idea of a safe zone as it was suggested. I can understand the hostile RP side though. It's not like I'm fully against hostile RP, I've had quite good non-hostile interactions lately. There is the argument that it will cut down on interactions of hostile RPers on the rest of the map, and I agree with that to an extent, but in my opinion this is feasible. I have spent the last couple days trying to find some people to RP with in-game and it seems I'm having not much luck, though last night I ran into about 6 people and had a great time with a bus and a truck. I haven't been back to DayZRP very long, so I can't speak for everyone, but the only notable interactions I've had were with the non hostile people. The most notable hostile one was simple 4 guys running up to me and a pal near Vybor and them just constantly surrounding us as we backed up. It was quite atrocious RP as we backed up saying can you not try to surround us, and they just kept walking around us for a minute or two hardly speaking until they said drop your guns or we'll shoot you. Wow I went way off topic sorry about that. Summarizing all that I think there is a lack of quality hostile RP interactions at the moment, being replaced with large quantities of them. Hostile RP is far too common and it feels mostly baity half the time to try and sate some itchy trigger fingers. I think claiming this is going to severely restrict the hostile RP scene isn't something that will happen. I saw someone say that the number of people will drastically cut the possibilities of hostile RP and targets left in the rest of the map, but when you think about it most of the hostile RP I've seen were groups of 4 or more leading me to believe that hostile RP groups are restricting campfire RPs justifying it as "we need the gear to survive" or "We own this stay away." I have had to force myself to walk out in the open streets of Novy and Stary trying to find decent RP as a doctor, but I honestly believe that someone or a group is going to rob me, torture me, or execute me for my large surplus of medical supplies even though RP wise they probably don't have medical experience so they shouldn't fully know how to use the IVs and such. That's just my two cents and of course I'm open to debate or elaborating on something if need be. I just think there needs to be an increase in better hostile RP and I'd be fine without a safe zone.
  14. I rock about 60-90 on my 1080 and i7-7700k but that's cause I am a spoiled arse who plays it on 4k.
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